Art Thieves


I just remembered the idea so

talk about mooks claiming they own other people’s art


But srsly

Those guys are skrubs


Same thing goes for anyone stealing or freebooting art, thieves are stealing only for their personal benefit and come off as lazy people who refuse to work for rewards.


I thought we where gonna talk about breaking into galleries, I’m disappointed…
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To be honest, I hate it when people steal others’ artwork as their own. It’s a real jerk move, and basically shows how pathetic you are.

And how pathetic I am as my art isn’t even good enough to steal

Man, I sure love Picasso.

Yeah, it’s plagiarism at its worst. Don’t do it kids.

these people are trash that’s what they are

The problem with art thieves is that they just can find no other profit or satisfaction with their own skills, so they rip other people off to get their own satisfaction.


Honestly I feel like I should just link Riiser’s ‘how I became yours’ review, he pretty well sums up my opinion. Of course riiser tends to use, colorful, language, so maybe that’s not really the best idea.

Though straight up stealing someone else’s art 1-1 is wrong, and illegal.

What about Sprite kits?

People often make their own. I think even TTV did. And they don’t want to let other people use them.

Technically, it isn’t plagiarism if you do (I think) as you’re using them to make your own thing (unless you’re just blatantly passing them off as your own). But it’s still wrong.


I know this sounds odd
But this clean master Advert
I think I saw the Pokémon Omystar or its first form in this made up game for the ad
So would this be theft

If you trace an image does that count?
I always credit the fact that I traced it, and usually provide the original image.

it… depends. If it’s a base that’s allowed then yes, and noone cries against recolors/traces, but I guess it might be a type of thievery due to the basic taking of original art