Artakha Attempts Art

I felt like drawing and this happened.

Not much else to say. What do you guys think?


that MoCr is excellent… I think you could do good later or soon

I think it looks great, only complaint is the bottom looks a little stubby

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Looks good, but the top part is a bit out of proportion with the bottom. Otherwise it’s still excellent, so much better than I could ever do.

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It’s a job well done! Keep it up

Thanks! (I think…? :stuck_out_tongue: )

That’s my complaint to myself as well. I dunno if I can fix it now tho :confused: My drawing skill and experience is limited

See what I said to MFS. I’m sure you could do this good or better, I’m generally terrible at drawing and I managed this mediocre level of image :sunglasses:

Thanks! If I feel like drawing again or if I have any old drawings I deem worthy I may post more on here

no man you can do it because


You got shading right (enaugh)!

I would say crown is too big!

Slick shading man!

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I have
a glorious
blank image


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Brickshelf must really hate you :stuck_out_tongue: In pretty much everything I’ve posted you’ve said that

Nice drawing.

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He says 2 months after I drew it :laughing: Thank you tho. Now that I’ve been reminded this exists I may draw and post more


Hey look, this topic. I drew something today. I guess I’ll post it :smile:

Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern of Sector 2814.4