Artakha, The Architect Adept (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

So I almost have him built in, in the correct color, only problem is I don’t have the Nuparu Mahri or Takadox armor. Anyone know of any parts packs that have them?

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Have you downloaded all these parts packs?


I have these downloaded, give me a few min and I’ll check to see if I have those pieces available from these packs!

EDIT: I didn’t see the nuparu armor, and it only has the wider hydruka backplate, not the thinner one :confused:

-Solaris Magnus

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I love the short, dumpy feel this one has. Makes me think of a fantasy dwarf, which is very suitable for a creator/forge master. Though, his legs do seem a little long compared to his body.

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I appreciate you checking, maybe someday someone will release something with those missing pieces…

Artakha in the shop, workin on his ride

Artakha meets Lewa Nuva


This Artakha definitely seems too short for Inika-scale, but that’s not a dealbreaker for me since I think it still works with Mata-scale.

Scaling issues aside, it looks really good. It’s not super complex like some MOCs, but it makes great use out of the few parts it does use. Both the figure and his hammer look really solid. For that reason, it has my second vote in Poll Eight.