Artakha - The Creator (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

That’s the plan!

oh yeah, since you’re new here, should note that you’re not supposed to post multiple times in succession like that, unless you’re adding an update to a creative content topic. you can tag the people with @ for individual responses.

Yeah, still I’m still learning how to use the plataform, what I need to correct and what I need to learn, in the past I just limited to read and not reply, I appreciate your comment @Hawkflight, gonna apply it for the future :smile:

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How tall is this guy? 15-18 inches? Regardless, massive MOC and best of luck in the contest!

@Propulsion ,It’s 14 and a half inches without a mask, it took me time to find a measuring tape with the size of Inches, fortunately I have one at home, here are some photos to show you:

Comparing size with Maxilos:

And this is the kind of measure tape that I used:

It appears to be 15 inches with a mask, but that depends on the design actually, also in another measure like centimeters, its almost 37 and in feets talking since is the most known measure that the community uses, it’s about 11 to 12 feet tall, but yeah the Canon says it’s 10, I tried to stay the most close to that size.

This is one tall lad. I like the use of those half pins to add extra texture to the pieces.

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Another great contender! I think this might be the tallest I’ve seen yet! He ticks all the boxes, and he looks good! My one gripe is that he might be too complex to be believable as a released Titan set, but that’s just me.


Epic build might even vote for this one over my own

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