Arxtann vs The Answer!

Here is another video with me trying certain angles of the camera and attempting to fix the jitteryness of old videos. I also tried to add sound-effects, but it didn’t work out quite as expected in some places.


I’m liking it.
How long did it take to make?

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It took about half-an-hour of editing, but I’m using Windows Movie Maker. So it doesn’t allow much editing :stuck_out_tongue:


Better than anything I could ever do =P
Nice job. If there was one thing I would change, it would probably make your filming area a bit brighter. The lighting is really dark at some parts. Other than that, great work!

:open_mouth: AN AUBURN FAN!! How 'bout those 'Dogs last week?

I suggest using a cleaner backdrop, though (;

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You from Georgia? I can only think of one state in the entire country with a 'Dog in their name XD

As for the stopmotion itself I agree with @LoganDub on the cleaner backdrop bit, but this is much less jittery and smooth than the last one. Very good =D

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Been one for as long as I can remember :stuck_out_tongue: But yes, I either need to clean my room or build a set.
No, I’m from the state south of Georgia :stuck_out_tongue:

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