Asd, My self Moc

Hello again, yes I know i uploaded Spheryx only a few minutes ago but i wanted this one to be on the message boards too. This is my self Moc Asd and he is an Outlaw living with his friends in a bar/Hotel Thing but he is very bad ■■■ he is the best Swordfighter on the Planet and that´s why noone wnats a battle with him. He got Two demonic swords. they are made for guess what killing demons.


Nice simple and clean

NICE :ok_hand:

The moc is fine, i enjoy the use of the rodes as shoulder armor. However, i think that the chest and back armor stick out in a glaring way due to them being the only places where those colors are.

The backstory and bio, though, reek of bad deviantart-level OC. Sorry if that’s harsh, but you need to give him more personality, more than just “the SUPER COOL demon KILLER who’s the BEST swordsman on the WHOLE PLANET and an OUTLAW”, because that feels a like it’s verging on a Gary Stu, especially considering he’s your self moc.


This is pretty old school :blush:

Try toning down the Mata red.

There’s more metru red than mata red. I’d just blend them better.

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He seems a bit bland, and could use some more bright Mata red on his legs.

Otherwise, this is pretty good.

@Arsenic Thank you for your help i will work on his backstory but I dont want him to be the more important character because he is one of the rare persons who fight with swords in a world of superpowers, guns and blasters so in my Story i have just a Little amount of persons who actually fight with swords, so i should of mentioned earlier.

Thank you all for your comments i will come back to them by the next update.

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