Ask Greg - Rules

Ask Greg is the new category exclusively for asking BIONICLE, Ninjago and Hero Factory writer Greg Farshtey questions!

Not sure if one has been answered before? Feel free to check this excellent archive to double check before you post!

Please adhere to the following rules:

  • All questions must be made as a New Topic. We are working with a new system to make things easier to read and for Greg to answer. All answered topics will have a checkmark next to them to signify them as being already answered by Greg.
  • All topic titles must be phrased as a question and have a question mark at the end. For example, “Who are the Great Beings?” or “What is Takanuva’s Destiny?”. Please try and keep topic titles to seven words or less, any added clarification, details, excerpts from books or serials can go inside the main topic. If your question is extraordinarily specific, you can make a general title like “Question about Elemental Nova Blasts?” or “Advice about getting published?”, but we ask that you try and summarize your topic title like this so that people reading the forum can see your question at a glance.
  • Only one question per topic. This is so we can easily mark questions that Greg has already answered, so others wanting to just read answers can do so. If you have multiple questions, you are allowed to make multiple topics. However, follow up questions are allowed to be in the topic of your original question. One exception is if you have multiple questions regarding the same subject and they are similar enough that making a separate topic would be redundant.
  • Make sure your question hasn’t already been answered. You can either read down the list or use our Search feature to make sure that a similar question has not been asked before.
  • Tag your questions. We have made pre-established tags for general question categories - theme related (Bionicle, Ninjago, etc.), writing related (advice, tutorials), and others. Please tag these questions to the best of your ability when creating a new question.
  • No Joke or Trolling Questions. Please be respectful. Absolutely no joke or trolling topics will be allowed. We will be strictly monitoring these topics.
  • These questions are for Greg. If you are responding to a topic and your reply begins with “I think” or “In my opinion,” then you’re in the wrong area. You are welcome to assist by answering questions that have an in-story answer, such as directing someone to a novel, comic, BS01, or to a prior answer from Greg from any source, however you are not allowed to attempt to answer a question as though you are being asked. These are for the author, not for you. (After 09/17/20, if you fail to obey this rule, you will be served an official warning).

While the traffic of this site is low at the moment, will the enmesh amount of topic slow the site down like the last day of Brickonicle?


Woah. Is this being a real thing!
I can’t wait.

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Glad to hear that this is in the works. I did try to broach the idea to Greg a ways back.
(Though I’m sure that the cast had a lot more to do with this than I did)

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Wait, is… is Greg on the boards?


Welcome Greg, hope you enjoy the TTV Message Boards!

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Having Greg on the message boards is going to be awesome. I just wish he had been a writer for G2 so we could find out definitively if the two generations are connected.


I’m new here, so, how do I post a question?

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Create a topic. If you’re on mobile, there should be a create topic button in he upper right of the screen. On desktop, there’s a blue circle with a white plus sign in the bottom right.


Cool, thanks!


So, when are you going to start enforcing these again, huh?


^^ What Will said

@Wolk a prime example of what my auto-correct does with your name. :grimacing:

Edited for Double Post - Slime


Hey, now that I’m back, I’ll be enforcing this again. Thanks!


@Eljay does this mean that a question such as this is not ok?

Subject title: Question about Matoran understanding of Protodermis
1a Do Matoran physicists and/or Matoran chemists know the nature of the Protodermis molecule?
1b Do the understand how they work?
1c Do they know what they are as well?
1d Do they know what they are made up of?
1dd Even down to a base level? Even microscopic?

2 Do the Matoran physicists and/or chemists know that the Protodermis molecule can change into all of those different kinds of materials?
2b Do the Matoran physicists and/or chemists know why and how the Protodermis molecule does this?

In addition, here is another rule of the subforum you in particular seem to ignore.

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I have made some updates and altered some wording on two of the rules. Firstly:

And secondly:

Please understand that posts that do not follow these will be deleted and repeat offenses will result in warnings and eventually suspensions. Thank you.



Hey Eljay, I think it would be neat to include a link to TheGregArchives ( so people can search that library of answers too, as a lot of questions here have been answered in the past.


That is a great suggestion. I’ll add it!


Update: Anyone failing to obey this rule:

Will be served an official staff warning. As those add up, they will branch into suspensions. The only exceptions are listed in the rules, so linking to official media which answers the question, or a quote from Greg from any source. This has been an issue for long enough.