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Okay, yeah, I know that there's already this topic for questions and answers, but those are for questions that we immediately answer in text. However, we used to have a podcast segment based around the questions members used to send us, and that was a more discussion based thing. We stopped that simply because we stopped receiving questions, but we're at a point where I think we could start it up again.

This isn't to take away from that other topic, though; that other topic is a sort of AMA thing where you can ask us anything you want to and we'll respond it text, or we'll respond with answers we couldn't devote that much time to in the podcast.

But this is for discussion stuff, stuff that we would actually talk about on air. Questions like Do you want a continuation or a reboot for Bionicle? or What character do you want to see in the reboot? or What do you see as the future of this channel?

No joke questions or stuff like that; that's for the other topic. Also, please don't ask questions that boil down to a yes or no answer; that doesn't really have good discussion value.

Thanks, and we look forward to having some more discussion!


What are your plans for the future of TTV with the upcoming BIONICLE 2015?


Actually, the "Continuation or Reboot" question would be really awesome. Also, after BIONICLE's return, how long do you think it will take for the BIONICLE fan community to grow and be as large as it once was?

They've been addressing that issue with most of their news updates, actually.

What are the characters you would like to see return in bionicle 2015 if it is indeed a reboot?

Dangit Kahi, you take all the good ones. smile

How about "What kind of Titans will you think that Bionicle will have in the future, either in 2015 or beyond?"

Are there any particular characters besides those confirmed that you would like to see return?

If 2015 is a reboot, what aspect of Bionicle's original story would you like to see done away with entirely? Or, heavily redone?

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If it's a reboot, do you guys think brown and purple are staying? If so, why? (OK, now I feel like I wrote a question i'd answer on a test

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I'll post it again here as I think it's a better question for this topic then the previous one. So here it goes...

How did you discover Bionicle? And what made you continue to collect the figures and get into the franchise as the years went on?

What have been some of your favorite Lego themes other than Bionicle, and why were they your favorite? What was your LEAST favorite theme, and why?

Just a reminder, this topic is for ASKING questions for the podcast, not answering them. =P

Thanks for the participation, guys.

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Do any of you have any major/minor exp with the older biotube era, so to speak?(2008/09)

OH GOD IT'S VENOM... oh wait, this isn't Spider-Man 3, nevermind.

In any case, yes I know smiley smiley

Also, another question:

Is there an underrated Lego series you want to see eventually return? Ex: Knights Kingdom, Exo-Force, other.

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I'm going to answer this one real quick here because it's a good question, we just have a "no" answer =P. We didn't even know BioTube existed until around late 2011/2012ish.


What do you think about some BIONICLE fanon characters? Do you have any favorites that are not yours?

What Bionicle characters/creatures that we only saw in story would you have liked to have seen as sets?

Things like Rahi Nui etc is what I mean.

Can you talk about the Mixels sets/TV show at some point?

Man speak for yourself >=[