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...Really surprised this isn't here yet. This topic is for discussing Assassin's Creed It has been mentioned in several other topics, so I figured some people might actually have things to say about it.

To start off the discussion, I have a question: Not owning and never having played any AC games, what should I start with? (On PC)


I would say either ACII or Brotherhood. Those are said to be the best of the series along with Blackflag. But whatever you do DON'T GET UNITY. I've seen it myself and it has a lot of bugs.

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Don't get any Ubisoft games for PC. Former employees have come out and said that they purposefully gimp their games on both PC and Nintendo Consoles because they hate them.

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Start at the very beginning. Trust me, things will not make sense if you start at Brotherhood (Even though it is the best) and it irks me when people don't start at the beginning. Because that's what beginnings are for!

Anyway, power through the first one, and then take your precious time looting and upgrading in the other games. You'll look pretty BA at the end of ACII and AC:B if you collect the bestest armors and dye your outfit.


So uhh...

I liked AC3.

Please don't kill me.


I'm really hoping Victory will be the start of a new trilogy.

My fav list:
AC Rogue
AC Bro'hood
AC Rev. and AC 3
AC Unity
AC 2 and 1

Also, in my opinion Unity is just the CoD Ghosts of Assasin's creed.
(And yes, I've played all of the games)

You should start with Bro'hood... Or 2. But trust me. You don't wanna beat AC1!

Well. I'm gettin tired Ubisoft


I was really hoping Rogue would go on PC.

I think Ubisoft should end the series already. COD has become better than AC in a sense because at least Activision's yearly releases aren't broken on launch.


A failed game launch shouldn't merit the end of a whole series, though.

Assassin's Creed is sweg.

Altair is sweg.

The first one is the best.


I think the problem is that Ubisoft is focusing on too much at once with AC. Trying to make a new one every year simply isn't one of their strengths unfortunately. However, with future updates to the game, it will iron out the bugs.

Also, the bugs are the only real complaints about Unity, and they seem to be more rare than most are led to believe. Both me and my friend have been playing Unity since it came out, and we haven't encountered any bugs, game-crashing or otherwise. I haven't heard people complain about the story, the combat mechanics, the multiplayer, nothing, as far as I'm aware.


Unity looks really good (bugs aside), but...




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Get the first one man. Nothing will make sense if you just jump in. Go in order, even if you have to slog through it, you'll be doing it in the footsteps of your great ancestors. (Literally =P)


My favorite is absolutely Black Flag. That is an open world game done right. I would recommend that one as your first, as that was my first AC game, though I've played a lot of the others since then. Black Flag is the most modern (in terms of graphics, etc.) that is on PC and not completely broken. The story missions are kinda meh, but the side missions are amazingly fun.


I just want to say that Assassin's Creed 1 is currently downloading off of Steam.

The man listens to reason!

Although, I will warn you that you'll have to slog through that game. There are many fun parts, but it can get repetitive with all the things you have to do. Just get through it, and you can enjoy the gem that is AC2


So, of course. I bought AC2 yesterday on Steam, for $12, and today it is $5. But now I am at a dilemma... I don't want to push it, but I am considering asking my parents if I could buy Brotherhood.

Why is this an issue? Well, my mom is kinda worried the last 3 games I have bought are all M, and my dad thinks video games are a waste of time. I am already near their tolerance limit with buying two games a week or so apart.

Should I ask?

Is ACB worth it?

Should I just enjoy AC2 and wait to see how Rogue and Victory are on PC?

So many questions.... someone help me!

Brotherhood is arguably the best game of the frachise, both story-wise and in playability. There's a lot to do in that world, and if you get the fancy DLCs then there's even more (d*** you Copernico!) but in short: yes, it is worth it.

Also on the topic of parents being worried about your "exposure" to violent games n such, I have found that talking with them about what you're going to buy helps. Parents (usually) see the M rating, and they see "violence, blood, sexual themes, language," yada yada, they worry. If you just talk to them in a mature fashion, they may see that you are mature enough to handle such content. After all, that's the name of the rating.


wait,whats "victory"? dont tell me they made a third game this year!

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