Astorix After v2

So if you remember my selfmoc (Toa Astorix), This is the same guy just a very long time in the future,:eyes:

I kinda explain the story in this, kinda:



This is a great reimagining of your character, the build looks good, I especially like the feet. It’s a shame you never carried over the mouth grill thing from the original( that was one of my favourite parts) but apart from that, good job :+1:


While I like the concept, this guy is more of a downgrade from the original.

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My favorite moc from you. The build and design choices are great while maintaining the shaping. The back could use a tad bit cleaning up but it is by no means bad. 9/10, outstanding moc.


Love it to death. The look and build is astounding.

Love the MOC, also, getting some lockdown (tf4) vibes

The lack of thumb bugs me more than the previous one (im aware you mention that your either lazy or don’t have enough pieces), while the color scheme is more “bland”, it still maintain a get build.
His weapon blend much better than the first version.

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looks great! If you don’t mind me asking what sort of camera did you use to take the photos??

clap clap clap this guy is AWesome

Fantastic build as usual.
The colours look a little bland but it suits the post apocalyptic thing well.
Also the fact that it doesn’t have thumbs bugs me.
But overall it’s really good.

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He is definitely well built, conveying a somewhat post apocalyptic appearance well. The colors leave me a little mixed. While they are dull, they also fit the appearance of the character.

I love the accents on this guy!

It is kinda all over the place, and I can’t tell what I’m looking at. But great moc.

It’s a bit messy. But the shape overall is very good.

Good moc yo.

How’d you get the Krana to stick on it?

Looks sick
has somekind of scrap/post-apoc look which is really cool