Astrid the Huntress

Valkyrie was sent to the forest to search for food, only to find out that someone has been killing a lot of animals, she started investigating, and found Astrid, a lonely vo-matoran abandoned in the forest, she had been killing animals for a fairly long time to survive, but there is no more need for that, Valkyrie brought her to Ihu, where Wärter would take good care of her as he did with valk


I love small mocs.

tried uploading better pictures, how does it look?

Looks nice
I would really like to see how you attached the beast head on to it


I like it, but almost too similar to Jaw Beast. That said, it’s a good small-scale MOC.

she killed jaw beast and it’s wearing it’s skin

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I hardly notice the 2016 Kakama mask until now.

Jaw Beast is suppose to be a titian (in universe):

Does that mean she’s a giant as well? or resized

With a limited amount of pieces, it does give a “hunterest” appearance well, those short CCBS bootleg bone looks fairly legit.

HMMM no? let’s just say Jaw Beast are big ■■■ snakes in artakha, but not that big, they can eat matoran in one bit, that’s why the head fits so well, and that proves how deadly she is

or is not jaw beast and its just another animal,

You need to tell me how you made the head!


Oh… Thanks!

I’m assuming those pieces are trimmed

yup,I actually cut them a really long time ago for other mocs now scrapped, but they came in handy

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