At a LoSS

When I drew some Skull Spiders a few days ago, someone suggested that I should make a creepy version of the Lord of Skull Spiders. So I did.

My original idea was to make a “zombie LoSS” in order tie him together will the skull villains we’ll be getting. This didn’t really carry out, but I may make another version later.


Really nice shadow, makes it feel more 3D.

That looks awesome! Looks like something out of a cartoon!

You see, I was planning on sleeping tonight but then I just had to click on this topic, didn’t I?
Great and spooky job.


whoa, I love it :slight_smile:

Really good.
LoSS could have been decent, but he just Lossed the spotlight to others.


This is pretty sweet. Love the style, too! Makes LoSS seem even more threatening!

Could you perhaps do one for the Toa?

beautiful iteration of the LoSS. I just wish it had more of this in the set and possibly no gear function. Though just looking at this I accept this as my head canon appearance of the LoSS

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As a person who is generally fascinated by spiders

This gave me chills

I applaud thee, good sir

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Skull Villains, Ekimu, Protectors, Makuta, Toa… go :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, this artwork is amazing and I love the style used in the designs. Really hope you do more :3


This is great… and creepy. Now I know whats going to haunt my nighmares.

I am at a loss for words
This is splendid