Atahua, Toa of Air


This is Atahua from the Self-Moc Actual Roleplay Topic. She is a Toa of Air. She’s a rather simple build, but I didn’t have much Metru green available.

Sorry about the glare, I’m experimenting with new lighting systems.


The body is too thin without the swords on the back, and the rifle thing looks eh



You can use some of mine… I have a gajillion metru green bits…

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Please, I really need them. (All the Vastus bits broke)


It is really skinny.

To clarify, Atahua is a She, not an it. It just bothers me, no offense to anyone who said that, It is just a pet peeve of mine.

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She looks skinny, like others have mentioned. It’s alright overall.

When we say “it” we say ot as if we are reffering to a MOC not a living thing, but noted.

Regardless for a female moc, she is way to thin


Her neck for me looks way too long

it’s her waist is way to skinny, adding some armor would help, or turning thr ball socket so it bends forward and back instead of side to side. Other than that and the simplicity of the limbs, it looks good

And the self moc roleplay is the reason why i won’t be joining a roleplay until school’s out.



Wait, why?

I assume your talking about the roleplay, it’s because so many new posts so quickly, that if i were to leave for 9 hours it would be a pain to catch up on, so i would wait til i have time to check it regularly.

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It looks cool!

I’d recommend shortening the arms (by a lot) and either raising the shoulders or lowering the neck.

She’s getting completely reworked. It’s not because I don’t like where I was going with this idea, but I needed the pieces for Tukere.

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