Atoha in all his glory

Nomad form

Dark hunter form.


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Neat. They look nothing like the same character, but still cool MOCs. A bit simple. Overall, Nice!

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I really want to get the General Grevious ultra build and use that for the dark hunter form… the point behind him not looking the same at all from his normal form is that he hides away his powers of fire, and masks himself as a ice toa so people don’t see him for what he was in the past, like hulk, but more confusing!

Yeah, sorry about the simplicity, I only just got back into bionicle, and only have a few sets in which I could afford, I will probably modify them to be more complicated as I get more sets. But until then, this is the mk 1 of the Atoha build!

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These are alright, but do not look anything like each other. If one is the evil form of the other, use some of the same pieces and don’t change everything.

Alright! Thanks for the tip!

Alright, so I tried improving the dark hunter form to be a more ice oriented, while keeping the feral beast look. I don’t know… he looks simple still, and he just looks like the same but painted white, if anybodyhas a design tip, go ahead and let me know, because I want him to look good!