Atua the demonic

he has the ability to travel through different dimensions. he is very dangerous and not much is known about him… (in other words I haven’t come up with much of a backstory)


awww shucks, I’m speechless…

Cool. I like his overall stature.

He looks great, from the front, the legs look weird from the side, and the torso looks a bit flat.

uh why was my post removed? I got a PM telling me it was flagged as advertisement, but i just said this was cool…

Interesting construction. Overall looks pretty awesome, but the I feel the mask just doesn’t fit, it’s too friendly looking to me. Otherwise a fantastic and unique build here.

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The advertisement part was probably a glitch. I asked, and I got told that it’s because you have to explain why it is cool. I got the same thing.

that sucks…