Aurum and Argentum

The Master and the Student

I started out with Aurum’s digitigrade legs, and then went up from there. I think he turned out well, but he wasn’t complete. I gave him a sidekick/student/partner, Argentum.

Just some other notes, Aurum is the red and gold guy, and Argentum is the silver and blue guy.

Aurum’s shoulder armor is poseable, in order to allow a number of poses. It can also be positioned differently in order to discern different stances/modes from each other, I.e. defense, melee, ranged…

Argentum’s legs and feet were somewhat a challenge, because I wanted to do the double silver shells as a kind of boot look, but I couldn’t quite get the ankles right. I like where he is right now, but I may improve his upper legs in order for more flexibility.

Oh, and kudos to @BlackboltJohnson , who basically inspired the whole idea of this with his awesome builds. Keep it up, dude.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! I’ve been playing a lot of DnD lately, and have been working on some cool figbarfs…

See ya!


Nice job,but that feet at Aurum… I don’t think they really work… Argentum is a really nice little build, really good

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