Av Matoran Becoming Bohrok?

I think quite an odd specification of the MU is how Av Matoran could be pre destined to “transform” into bohrok. Why was this? It seems rather cruel of a destiny to push on them. One second they’re a Matoran with sentience, the next an empty shell for a krana to use. And how on earth were they “transported”?

More importantly, is this a well known fact? I’m sure the Nuva would be displeased to hear they destroyed hundreds of “Av Matoran”, and were crueler to a few others (the kal)


The Nuva did hear about it. They saw it happen, at that.

If I recall correctly, the av matoran were actually kinda enthusiastic about this transformation (while the Toa immediately freaked out), and after becoming Bohrok they were teleported to the nest.


Well, in the larger scheme of things, the Matoran in general were essentially Mata Nui’s “blood cells.” So if you think of the villagers as the red variety (oxygen) and the Bohrok as the white (immune system), it makes more sense for them to undergo the transformation than, say, a Vortixx. This obviously isn’t an exact comparison by any means, as they weren’t meant to fight off any internal threats to Mata Nui, such as Teridax’s virus, but the similarities are there if you look for them.
Also, I can confirm that @Altair is indeed correct, as does BS01.

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Plus remember this is like saying it is cruel to your car’s spark plugs to replace them. The GBs did not see the inhabitants of the MU as feeling individuals – they saw them as tech running their giant robot. They weren’t really worried about hurting their feelings, because for one thing, they weren’t supposed to have any.


You forgot that they werent supposed to be sentient. Velika forgot probably about this. And i dont think it would bother him too much