Avengers: Endgame

There was no such thing as End Credits, there was no End Credits or Post Credits

That’s what Eljay wanted you to think, before he ate the Gauntlet.


What has Eljay anything to do with everything regarding Endgame?

Eljay is Thanos’ master. Didn’t you know?

No, I did not?

It’s official TTVengers canon

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Who is Iron Man then?

Iron Man died in Infinity War.

You mean in their infinity war?

In the TTV infinity war, yes

Wow how didn’t I know about it? Where you a part of it?

Yeah, I killed Hawkeye after he went to work with Thanos.

How come didn’t I join in it?

Because you died in Civil War.

Okay what?

I actually haven’t seen any video to explain the 2.0 timeline.

The movie is barely out so just wait, it will come.

Till then I want to do it myself.

But I like videos, not writtens

It’s an alien sword, Vibranium’s just the best metal on Earth

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