Avengers: Endgame

Click at your own risk, but I constructed the scene I wanted but never got in relation to beating Thanos. Needless to say, very disappointed that the movie didn’t have it.


…that’s a very interesting scene, I was happy it didn’t have it because it wouldn’t have been satisfying if it was like that and not like how we got it.

Well, yeah, of course not (as in, what DID happen was great and emotional), but it’s the scene everyone was memeing about having before the movie came out.

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I recently discovered the meme, so I wasn’t that much invested as everyone else was.

I can’t believe this movie already made one billion at the box office and it barely came out, I guess it will beat the record…

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I am not shocked because I knew the movie was perfection and that it will get one billion easy, not let’s get to 3 billion shall we?

That meme is still the bane of both my happiness and sanity

scrolling down the replies and half of it is spoilers

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Yep. I can’t wait to see it I’ve only seen one pretty minor and obvious spoiler, stated below

Spidey comes back, and I assume the rest. Nobody confirm or deny my assumption I want to be surprised

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It’s endgame. Did you honestly think we could actually wait and not see it op weekend?

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Just saw it, and man… I dare to call it perfect. One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I honestly can’t think of any real flaw with it. Everyone should watch it no matter what!


You think it is perfect, because in reality it is perfect.


Yep. If there’s one marvel movie you need to see in theatres on the biggest screen possible it’s this masterpiece.


I think I can call it PERFECT too. You who haven’t seen it, you’ll love it, I think it’s obvious.

So some spoilers going on here, don’t touch this only if you want to destroy your movie experience:

[spoiler]I just love everything that’s going on in the movie. One weird thing I don’t understand is that Nebula killed herself from the past. Ok, but wouldn’t that mean that the future Nebula would die too? I’m confused about it. The best scene of the movie: That freaking war! I almost cried on it, seriously! It’s an amazing scene to see how everyone comes back from the portals.Wow. And I like the good-tempered Hulk.

It’s actually hard to tell all what I liked here.[/spoiler]

actually no since like the ancient one explained it simply creates a new timeline which I’m assuming was fixed since cap returned the stones and past Mlnir. It’s why avengers Loki escaping with the tesseract didn’t change the future they returned to.

Actually, its a huge time loopmthat starts in 2012 and ends in 2023 that O’ll explain in a future topic.

Yes. For those who didn’t plan on seeing the movie in theatres, please do it, you are going to enjoy the movie even more.
For some spoiler thoughs:

That scene where everyone came back, ready for battle literally made me cry with joy. As much as I tried to hold myself, tears of joy still filled my eyes.

This is the best Marvel movie yet. I still see people raking Infinity War higher than Endgame, but seriously, Infinity War was just a preparation for this masterpiece.

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avengers… assemble! Now if only power rangers had an endgame event this is what the legendary battle should have been.


And that moment where Thanos turns into dust… was one of the most satisfying villian defeats I have ever seen…


I love that he just quietly sat down and accepted his defeat. He was true to his principles to the end, not lashing out or begging for mercy. It showed a lot of his character.