Avengers: Endgame

I mean he was probably thinking how could Iron Man, Tony Stark a human being, to be able to defeat someone like him as he has killed many powerful opponents and conquered planets. It shows you now that Tony is the SMARTEST person in the Universe now and Shuri is nothing compared to him.


I don’t really see what Shuri has to do with any of it. I mean sure, I think Tony’s probably smarter, especially given his starting point and resources vs hers, but she has no relation to that. No need to make it a competition.


Well I’ve seen many videos about how Shuri is more smarter and all that and my point was to elevate Tony even more to justify how Thanos felt ultimately defeated by a mortal which indeed left him speechless like he looked like he didn’t know what to say and just accepted his death.


[spoiler]Yo, Shuri is smarter[/s]

Nah, Thanos just accepted that he wasn’t as good with keep-away as the Avengers.

And Spider-Man is the only MCU character to hold both Mjolnir and the Infinity Gauntlet at the same tim, no one can change my mind so don’t try.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]No? If Hulk had problems holding the Infinity Gauntlet and he is clearly stronger than Spider-Man in every way by a physical level I highly doubt he can even snap his fingers.

And I don’t think it was touched upon it but I don’t really think Spider-Man is pure-hearted like Cap is, because he is flawed while Cap is the perfect man.[/spoiler]

Hulk didn’t got hurt because of wearing the Gauntlet, but because he tried to bring Nat back.

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From where did you got that?

From Hulk himself. He said that at the end.

Eh, that could be debatable, if Thanos could beat Hulk without any stones and still got a arm burt by snapping the universe in half in the end of Infinity War I don’t see for Hulk to be stronger than Thanos when he did exactly the same thing only to bring everybody back.

He didn’t got burnt because of the snapping, but because he destroyed the Stones.

Dude, when he snapped his fingers in Infinity War half of his side was burt, not severely but he was hurt and he was also limping and you can see that the gauntlet was damaged alongside his arm.

Still, it wasn’t a side effect of wearing the Gauntlet.

Yeah it was even the Russos said it that snapping your fingers costs you no matter how strong you are.

It was a side effect of snapping your fingers not of wearing the Gauntlet.

Well then as you can see Hulk is weaker than Thanos because he was sweating and growling in pain as he putted on.

Because the first thing which came into his mind was to snap his fingers to bring back Nat. The stones started doing what they were doing because he couldn’t bring back the person that was killed for the Soul Stone, not just because hemput the Gauntlet on. If it was so, why didn’t Tony got burnt too, he is weaker than the Hulk! And before you say “he died after he snap his fingers”, it doesn’t count, because he died after the snap and was perfectly fine before it.

Noo, that’s not true, if it was true the Russos would have said it by now.

Solid discussion here: deny my facts if they prove you are wrong.

You don’t have the evidence just because that happened and that did not happen to another character. I mean you are pure speculating, if your facts were backed up by the Russos then yeah sure.

I am sorry, but you just gave me the definition of evidence. Evidence=proof, and I gave you the proofs.