Avengers: Endgame

Yeah okay.

In other news, it seems Endgame will not be the end of the phase anymore.

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Far from home will be the last movie of the phase.

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Oh…well true but Endgame ended pretty much everything else.

Far from home will be some sort of epilogue like how Ant-man was.

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Yeah, true.

Question: did Thanos ever lift Thor’s Hammer? There were a couple of times where it looked like it.

I don’t know maybe? That is a good question by the way.

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Its not a question that hard. Just watch the movie.

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[spoiler]Spider-Man held the Gauntlet, and held Mjolnir. He didn’t wield them, there’s a key difference in my mind.

Besides, Hulk and Tony were both hurt when they put on the Gauntlet, but the Snap made it worse[/spoiler]


I’m pretty sure far from home is set just before infinity war…

Just after Endgame, actually.

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There’s nothing conclusive about that scene or what he says later to prove that’s why it happened the way it did.


He literally said it. It also seems logical enough. Plus, if the burns would be the result of wearing the Gauntlet, why didn’t Thanos also got burnt when he was wearingbit, before snapping his fingers?

He didn’t say “I struggled to snap when I thought about bringing back Natasha”. All he said was that he tried to bring her back. There is no ‘logical enough’ conclusion that backs it up unless someone who worked on the movie confirms it. Asides from Tony wearing it, we see that the power surges through the wearer before they use it (or interact with the stones in any way, as we see when people handle it in Guardians of the Galaxy). That’s a normal part of it, and not exclusive to trying to bring someone back to life. Besides, why would it do that for one person, and not because of trying to bring everyone back? That does not follow any logic.


Even if he would say “That happened because I tried to bring her back”, it would still be safemto asume that the Stones went crazy because of it. At some point after putting the Gauntlet on ans before he snapped his fingers, Hulk’s mind already took the decision of using the Gauntlet (snapping his fingers or in another way) to bring Nat back, idea which the Stones, especially the Soul Stone could not do (I may be wrong refering to the Stones as actual entities, but it seems that they actually are). As a result, the Stones “activated” some sort of backup plan, aka started to burn Hulk’s hand till he gave up the idea of bringing Nat back and doing something possible, like bringing the half of the universe back.
Also, if I remember correctly, Tony experiences a power surge too after the Stones get arranged in the Gauntlet patern. The respective power surge didn’t burnt Thanos when he experienced it. You could argue that the Power Stone’s surge almost killed the Guardians and the Space Stone’s teleported Red Skull on the other side of the galaxy, but we don’t see Thanos experiencing any of these two (my guess is that the other four stone negate such severe effects, seeing that we see people having the Mind, Time, Soul and Reality stones in their hands and not really getting hurt).
Also, the souls reacted like this for one person instead of half the universe because Nat was the soul sacrificed for getting the Soul Stone. As Hawkeye said (and I think Red Skull told him): there is no way tk bring her back, just like Thanos (or anybody post IW-pre Endgame) could not bring back Gamora using the Stones. On the other side, you can very easily destroy half of the universe, or bring it back, because the Stones are not bounded by that souls. They do not depend on those people. It’s like assigning an assassin to kill half of the population of Earth, which means a lot of people that he never knew and doesn’t have anything tk do with them, versus killing his own mother. Only that the mother would be much, much important.

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One thing that confused me is how the evil Nebula managed to bring Thanos’ entire army into the present by just pressing a button. Didn’t you need to wear that suit to be able to travel in time trough the quantum realm?

@Toa_Vladin If you’d like to believe that, I guess feel free to but that is completely hypothetical about the understanding of the stones and how they work. There is nothing ‘safe to assume’ about what was thought or how the Infinity Stones operate in that situation.

Also, Thanos is shown being incredibly tough and literally thick-skinned between both Infinity War and Endgame, far tougher than anyone. I’m inclined to believe his body is able to handle the gauntlet the best. Hulk already explained all of the gamma radiation involved and the risks before he put it on and even that was too much for him. Nothing was said about infinity stones backfiring because of a thought.

@LegoDavid I would imagine Thanos’ ship works as a ‘container’ for everyone to stay intact traveling through the quantum realm, serving the same sort of purpose as a suit for a singular person, but don’t take my word for it.


I literally cannot understand what could be said against my theory.