Avengers: Endgame

If you can cite something that was actually said or showed something observable in the movies that supports your theory, then I’d be more likely to believe it.

I think some of it could make sense, but based on the behavior of interacting with the stones and the gauntlet that I mentioned, at the moment I cannot reach the same conclusion that the only reason Hulk’s arm burned was because he tried to use the gauntlet first to bring Natasha back. There wasn’t anything said or shown that supports that.


True very true.

OK, let’s say that Hulk didn’t got burnt because of trying to bring Natasha back, but because he simply wore the Gauntlet and the Stones. Why didn’t Tony and Thanos got the same burns? You can argue that this happened because Thanos is stronher than Hulk, tho I don’t consider him to be much superiour just because he beat Hulk once in fist combat.
After all, Hulk did much greater things. Looking at Hulk’s burn marks we can see that the power of the Gauntlet was extremely powerful, to the point that at least it would have left a sign on Thanos’ arm too.
And how about Tony? Hulk is much powerful than Tony, so the shrge should have been much more powerful on him. Don’t forget the fact that Tony was wounded and exhausted after the battle, so the Gauntlet could have downright killed him after getting the Stones.

[spoiler]It wasn’t JUST from wearing the gauntlet, everyone was shown to have visible damage from performing the snap. You can see everyone was damaged from the power of the snap, which is what Hulk did after putting the gauntlet on. There’s nothing from Hulk putting on the gauntlet that we can see and nothing that was said that involved the stones “going crazy” on him.

All he said was “You know, I tried. When I had the gauntlet, the stones, I really tried to bring her back.”

Thanos is reliably shown to be much stronger than Hulk. He won literally every fight until he got dusted. Do you really think Hulk could have done that? Thanos is insanely strong and resilient - this we can observe. We can also observe his skin is very thick because in Infinity War, Iron Man barely managed to scratch him with all his attacks - “All that, for a drop of blood.”

You’re absolutely right that there should have been a power surge on Tony - I personally think that’s a movie flaw, but the only reason it was inconsistent with Thanos and Hulk powering up was because it obviously looked much cooler that he said his iconic line and snapped. Oh, well he died anyways from doing it. Like what had been warned by Hulk before he put it on. And the damage matched what happened to Hulk and Thanos eventually.[/spoiler]


If I may, I think the reason why there wasn’t a strong power surge was that Tony snapped Thanos and his army which is not to be compared with snapping and bringing back half of the universe.


I don’t know if I wholeheartedly agree, but I think this does fall in line with what we’ve seen before about the gauntlet’s power and the individual stones. :+1:


[spoiler]Well honestly Hulk had the problem of just putting the gauntlet on and well even Thanos had a problem when he puts the stones on in Infinity War and Endgame he yells in pain too.

Hulk snapped his fingers and brought back half of the universe and got his entire arm burnt just like Thanos when he snapped half of the universe away.

Tony said to bring everyone back and not to change anything and Hulk brought everyone back but he could have thought about Nat but in the end even if he did or not he’d still get burnt just like Thanos in Infinity War.

Tony’ suit mark 85 is the strongest armor he has ever created and it can absorb energy just like how it absorbed Thor’ lightning, so there might be a reason why he didn’t get any side effects but actually there was also a power surge through him, you can see it clearly, like I remember now, the power surge went through him and he struggled, struggled to say his last words “I am Iron Man.” because the Gauntlet took a heavy toll on him and then died a heroic death by killing Thanos and his armies bringing peace to the Universe.[/spoiler]



  1. If the damage was caused by the snap, then why did it started (and ended) before the actual snap?
  2. How could he get damage of the power of something that didn’t even happen yet?
  3. Of course the Stones went crazy of him: they were the ones responsable for hia burns!
  4. Which means, once again, that some time before tha snap and after he put the Gauntlet on he tried to bring her back. Tell me, why would the Soul Stone allow to bring back Nat or, depending of which one we are talking avout, Gamora? Especially after it was made clear that is impossible.
  5. Yup. I personally do believe that Hulk would have won if he was in Thanos place. Especially that from the moment the gist fight from the beginning of the movie ended and till the battle with the Guardians and Avengers started there wasn’t even too much fight.
  6. Iron Man repeatedly punched Hulk in the face, about twice per second, with the Hulkbuster, which seems to be stronger than a jackhammer, before throwing a building on him. Hulk didn’t got any scratch. You can also argua that the Power Stone was making Thanos more resistant, like in the comics, but this I must admit that is pure speculation. [/spoiler]

The Russos said Thanos beat Hulk without using the Power Stone whatsoever, even I admit that Thanos is the strongest there is and not even Hulk stands a chance against him, not in the comics and sadly not even in the movies.

I never said that Thanos used the Power Stone against Hulk.

You said the power stone made Thanos more resistant, against what? Against Hulk or in general?

Iron Man. We were talking about the fight against the Avengers and Guardians.

Ehh, the only time he used the power stone was to shoot stuff at Iron Man.

I highly suggest you read this. It’s a translation of a Chinese interview the Russo brothers had. This explains why [spoiler]the snap didn’t bring them back. There’s nothing that involves the stones specifically rejecting Hulk’s request and thus leading to arm burn. http://reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/bj0it4/joe_russos_qa_about_the_plot_of_avengers_endgame/

And uh, like I said, they showed a very obvious power surge that happens any time someone puts on the gauntlet. Cmon man. Hulk gets a power surge putting on the gauntlet and goes straight to doing the snap. Thanos had a longer gap of time between having all the stones and then snapping.

As for Hulk, Um, they very clearly chose for Hulk to lose at the beginning of IW to show that Thanos without the power stone is much stronger than him. They straight up said that.


Couldn’t read the whole thing, so I am just going to base my response on what you gave me.
If the snap didn’t brought them back then… How did they returned?

The One Above All brought them back…

[spoiler]That’s not even what I said. You misread me. I was specifically referring to those who didn’t come back (Natasha and Gamora). What I said was that the Russo Brothers explained why the snap didn’t bring Natasha and Gamora back.

They said that the soul stone exchange prevents them from coming back. If they can’t come back because of the exchange, then that means when the Hulk snapped, it would only bring back everyone that can come back. There doesn’t need to be some separate thought that he had to bring her back first. That goes along with what Tony told him - “Remember everyone Thanos snapped away five years ago. Just bringing them back to now, today. Don’t change anything from the last five years.”

THAT was the priority, not thinking about Natasha first. Even so, the scene plays out in the power surge explanation - Tony asks Bruce to talk him while he struggles with it and then he tells him “I’m okay”. If that whole part really was about failing to bring Nat back and not just getting accustomed to the Infinity Gauntlet, feel free to find a way to find something that supports your theory. [/spoiler]


Well I guess that makes sense.
The Russos ruined another fan theory.
I’m just saying that mine seemed a little simple. In the comics the Gauntlet was equal and fair to everybody. I wanted to see if this could be implemented in the MCU too.

Tony did have a power surge, his suit protecting him from the majority of it, though

To change reality to that extent with the Gauntlet, you must snap. The fact that Hulk hadn’t snapped and his arm was still burning points to the idea of his arm taking the power rather than using it

And GotG confirmed Thanos as the most powerful being in the universe even without the Stones. I don’t think Korath knew about Ego, but it’s worth noting.


No actually forget it, I don’t wanna spoil it to everyone which didn’t watch it, even with the blur option you can make out what happens in the image.