Avengers: Endgame

Can you maybe change the colors in the image? Would that help?

It’s the image where Tony has the gauntlet.

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got a spoiler from here without even clicking a tag. Nice

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I don’t know what kind of spoiler free discussion you’re expecting a week after the movie’s release…


One on a site where spoilers are expected to be blurred until… what was it DVD release? Or out of theaters?:joy:

It was something I was kinda expecting but would’ve preferred it to have been less expected than it is now

[spoiler]Because people often question this, I thought I’d give my thoughts.

“Why is old Cap there?”

I think in the timeline we have been watching, Steve Rogers was always there twice. Just from the way the Ancient One described things, I think we’ve been viewing old Cap’s timeline this entire time. He never revealed himself, and even got Peggy in on the gig. Who knows? Maybe he told Sharon about it, too. (By the way, R.I.P. Sharon X Steve)

“Why didn’t old Cap help out with, you know, Hydra and stuff?”

This one is actually a lot easier to answer, though it’s still up to speculation.

Two ideas:

A: He did, we just never saw it. If he just showed up after he disappeared in First Avenger, he could easily have helped out under a different guise (Nomad?). Something much more hidden, so no one knew about it. Or, perhaps he just re-enlisted with a new name. He would be, what, ninety during the events of Avengers and so on?

B: (the one I like more) Everything had to be perfect for “the One.” If Cap even knew about time travel and the Quantum Realm before the right time, everything could have been lost. Imagine if Cap knew about time travel, and attempted to do it before the five years when Ant-Man escaped? He could have died, which would have resulted in something really, really bad, seeing how important he was in that movie. Therefore, Cap had to remain in the shadows while his younger self saved millions of lives.[/spoiler]

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This. That’s exactly what I was thinking. The entire MCU up to this point, or at the very least Endgame, has to have been from the vantage point of original Cap’s reality. That’s how, with multiverse theory, he could end up at the spot where he left. If he changed anything too significant, it wouldn’t have worked out. In the long run, he probably saved more lives by letting his future younger self deal with it than by intervening in the past.
So in the original reality he left, he straight up just ditched his friends forever😂 not from his perspective though.

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My brother will see it with my dad tomorrow, and my aunt and uncle have tickets for me to go with them on Saturday. Anybody know good strategies for how to not have to go to the bathroom :joy:


Here’s my suggestion:

Willpower. Sit through the whole thing, it’s all worth it.

I’m not asking when to go to the bathroom but how to not have to.

Go and do your bathroom jobs before the movie.
It really works.

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Don’t buy any drink of any kind

Wait, no, that’s serious. I got a soda, and had to go forty five minutes in. Luckily, I have an ability that allowed me to sit in until the end of the credits, but I understand not everyone can do that.


Once the movie started my wjole body internally reshaped in a manner that made moving off my seat impossible.
Jokes aside, I really didn’t have to go to the bathroom.



While there isn’t much information it is enough I guess which explains why Thanos could break Cap’s shield.

This movie was crazy. It should’ve felt too cluttered but it didn’t. They did a great job. Iron man’s death shook me, especially peter’s reacting. It makes me think of what it’d be like to lose a mentor like my uncle or my youth pastor


Did you seriously ignored everything I have posted?

This is not the place to post rap battles.


But it has to do with Avengers Endgame in case you haven’t notice.

Apparently I’m waiting to see to tell me who do you think won

It’s still off topic. This is a topic to discuss the movie, not raps about the movie.