Avengers: Words War Ep. 4

Sorry. This episode is very short. But the next one will be very long!

In the Assemble room, a lot of Avengers were in front of me, looking at me. Agent Venom, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and Deadpool were ready to hear the plan.
Iron Man: So, first let me tell you why you are here.
Deadpool: You screwed up things again.
Iron Man: Yes.
Johnny Blaze: And now heroes from another world are here and want to fight with you.
Iron Man: You already know the whole story?
Blaze: No, just parts of it. We also know that we can’t trust in Captain America’s Avengers.
He looked at Vision.
Blaze: Except two of them.
Iron Man: Let me tell you the plan! So, we don’t want to hurt them.
Deadpool: Yes we do!
Iron Man: No we don’t! We don’t hurt them!! We need to bring them back to their world, as fast as possible. The only one who know how is Thor. We will fight with them over he come and tell us how to use the Tessaract!
Everybody seemed to agree the plan. Iron Man exit from the room, wanting to allow the recruits to familiarize with the other Avengers. But right in that moment something hit him so hard that he jumped through a window, falling.
In three seconds, the Mark 32 flew and put on him. Iron Man flew over the window where he felled, entered in the building and saw a familiar face.
Captain America: Hello, Tony!
He was wearing his suit, but it has holes in it. One of them, the biggest, was in his right shoulder. His face had wounds and some blood marks.
Iron Man: What… What happened to you?
He kicked me in armor and hit me on the window.
Captain: We are watched.
Iron Man: By who?
Captain: By they!
He pointed at two men in the park. I focused the image using my armor. I immediately recognized the tattoo guy. The other had completely green skin and a blue cape.
Cap threw me on the ground.
Captain: They want to see me fighting with you!
Iron Man: Why?
Captain: They want me to kidnap you.
Iron Man: So you will do this?
Captain: No. I tried to fight with them. They have my team. All of them. Plus, their leader and a Batman almost killed me.
Iron Man was shocked. He thought that the fight will be only between the Justice League, and the Mighty Avengers, excluding Cap’s Avengers. But know his old allies, his old friends, are captured. Steve Rogers, one of his best friends, is hurt, and he would be almost dead.
Iron Man: We need to fight, together. Do you have any idea where your team may be?
Cap: Yes. See that warehouse?
He pointed me to an old building.
Iron Man: Yes.
Cap: They are there. The Justice League have a guy with a golden helmet. He makes some spells and now my friends don’t have powers anymore.
Iron Man: Why would they be imprisoned so close by my house? There are only 5 streets!
Captain: You would think on that place?
Iron Man: No.
Captain: See? Now, what are we gonna do?
Iron Man: If we want to save them, we need first to distract their attention. All of your Avengers are captured?
Captain: Not all of them.
From his shoulder a little bug jumped on my chin. Ant-Man.
Ant-Man (with a very blurred voice): Hello there, Tony!

Ten minutes later, we had a plan. We were in the assemble room. The plan was this: all of us distract their attention. Vision and Ant-Man go there. While Ant-Man save the Avengers, Vision defeat the guy with the yellow helmet.
The war was about to begin, and the Avenger were about to… once again… assemble.
We exit from the Room. When we were about to exit from the tower, I saw Pepper, looking at me, and then I realized that I never come back.
When they saw us, they looked a little bit scared. But then a lot of superheroes came from the corner of the street. I recognized Batman.
Iron Man: This ends now!

The next one will be the last one- the battle!

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