Avios (Moc)

Ladys and gentleman, may I introduce you to the magnificent Avios!

As you can see he is a bird man and he is long over due to be shown here. But for now let's just focus on the Moc.

All of his Arsenal can be stored on his back

His metal cape thing seen above can be turned into a jet/wing pack

The furno Fire blade pieces that make the wings can be turned into laser knifes and the winglets turn into shoulder blasters!!!

And finally a close up of the custom bird head design.

Backstory: Avios was once a worker at HF who was in charge of secret operations and technology. In his spare time he designed himself a body out of left over parts and experimental tech virtually.

(The picture above is Avios when he was a worker at HF)
Before the great explosion of ultimate death that erased HF from existence Avios went into the assembly tower and turned himself into his new body (the main Moc) and survived the blast. The transition to the new body wasn't very smooth so he lost all of his memories. A salvager who was an inventor found him and took care of him until he was ready to leave and live a new life for himself, completely oblivious to the atrocities he was responsible for when he worked at hero factory. Now he travels the Galaxy in his ship trying to find a somewhere he can settle down and a job, with very little success. He is just too adventurous I guess.


  • he can speak any language and do any accent, it fits with the bird theme
  • he can fly, obviously
  • his high tech and expensive pressure blade has great powers. I don't really know what they are yet though.

Things you should know:

  • the hero core is not functional as a hero core- it is just decoration
  • his proportions are deliberately strange- don't give him too much h8 because of that. How boring would it be if all proportions where the same?

That is Avios for now. I made the worker Moc several months before I made a bird head that I thought would suit the character in an ultimate form. He deserved it as he is such a vital character in my story- which I may or may not write out and post on the boards.
Feel free to give constructive critism. We all appreciate it here on the boards... Right?


Some less than others...
glares vaguely off into the distance

The upper body doesn't do the legs justice, IMO. The legs feature a design I've tried to do time and time again, with the bohrok knee, and it does it magnificently. The upper body and arms...meh.

Keep the legs, the upper body could use some alteration.


what ek said

I have to say though you managed to pull of the red blue color scheme very well.

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The torso is a little wonky but other wise the bird man look is carried out well!

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@Ekorak @Darknova3529 @Nogus1- thank you for the constructive Critism! I will try and improve the torso when I upgrade him in the future

Not a fan of the shoulders but, man, I love that leg design.

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I've been meaning to work on the shoulders for a long time. I want to use the same pieces but I can't figure out how to decrease the gappiness. Nonetheless thanks for your opinion @Stoax

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Cool, look, solid build. Nice work! :smiley:

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This is a really cool MOC, good job, I love everything about it.


@AmazingDirtHunter thanks for the praise- I appreciate it!
@PekekoaOfJungle that picture is awesome :laughing:! did you make it? Thanks for the praise too!

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Of course I did. :laughing: I thought he looked like Bird Optimus Prime.

You're most certainly welcome!

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dang it! you beat me to uploading a blue-and-red MOC! No worries, mine is Metru blue and red (also Metru).

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Weapons storage and great legs.

gonna be honest, thought it said Axios at first

he looks pretty cool

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Dang it why do I always forget to post these!

Hight comparison with standard sets. I threw in my self moc because I could.

His chest plate can be removed to reveal some sort of memory chip. I haven't decided what it does yet. Sorry I forgot to show that feature earlier.

Thankyou @Middlefingerstudios @Klaevin91 @Leoxandar for your comments and praise, it's appreciated a lot


Now, if it just had a bit of white, it would be very patriotic. :stuck_out_tongue:
Cool MOC.


this is way better than my tech-bird moc

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Not necessarily, I really like your Moc!