AwesomeJoel27's old Moc topic

I was looking through some of my old devises and decided to post some of the old pictures of my Mocs I took to show my friends.

So ladies and gentlemen I present to you 2012 in all of its terribadness

As simple as this one is I still kinda like him

More skeletal than the 2015 summer sets.

More silver on this guy than 2008

These aren't necessarily bad just a lot of spitballing and testing different things 2015

This one was inspired by the Iron Spider

And this one I've been trying to perfect cause I really wanted to make a Toa of iron using that shade of gold

And playing with Chibi Mocs

Complain about how Kaiku has too narrow shoulders right now, but this is just terrible, does she even have a neck?

Looking back adding "hair" to make a Moc female looks questionable

Classic version of my self Moc before i changed the shoulders

And gave him a grenade launcher that I ripped off some one else

This one I regret taking apart

I want to rebuild this one soon I just don't have the neon green parts anymore -_-

Well thats all feel free to tell me how trans they are!


That one with Narmotos mask looks awesome!


Pretty great!

This one is pretty great! Change back to the Narmoto mask if you still have him built!


Thanks. I have him about half built just having a hard time time trying to make him unique, I might try to rebuild him.

He's one of my oldest still standing next to my self Moc
this used to be him by the way

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Why would you take it apart without improving it!?


lack of parts, back then I was just making as much as I could with tons of ideas so the reason most of them are disassembled was for the parts for other figures, now I'm trying to dedicate as much effort to a small amount of figures.

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The 2015 onwards look good, and some look great, like the Narmoto's mask one, and the Iron spider one. All in all, coolio.

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I love ur self Mocs sword/gun thingy

It was supposed to be like a sword plasma cannon thingy, I had to get rid of it when I gave him articulated fingers and had a hard time getting him to hold it and look good.

That orange dude on the hoverboard is really cool. Maybe it's just the orange.

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Which one?

This guy.

or maybe he isn't orange

Nah he's red, and this is him later on, I'm currently remaking him

I like the blue Iron spider one.

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I'm currently remaking her.
Kinda like this dude :thumbsup:

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