Awo - Toa of Air

This is Awo, a toa of air,
Back Story: he is a Cybertoa, Basically a Cybertoa is a toa that has been modified from he’s former self, ex. Awo’s torso was completely redesigned by a technician Av-Matoran.

Build : he’s torso is completely custom, but that makes it quite gappy, I will try to fix it soon.

Weapon Storage:

Please comment on how I can improve Awo.


Less silver, more green. Armour upper arms.

Very cool weapon storage, nice custom torso


can the back pieces open up into wings?

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Yes, ill add a picture soon

@ToaVoriki now there are pictures, take a look

Less silver, more green. Put something on the upper arms. but other then that it’s a pretty groovy MOC man.

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