Axonn The Archon



The name kinda confuses me.

The Moc is decent tho I’d argue the feet might be too large.

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A neat MOC, but I don’t see this as being any sort of a knight. To me, it looks more like how I’d envision some sort of dark gladiator.

The shoulders seem a little thin…

Is this the lost child of @Oniwah ?

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This is neat, but to be honest I was expecting Batman. Still a cool moc, though.

His shoulders are slightly too close together, but overall, it’s pretty ok

Chest seems a bit plain. Looks cool though.

I expected Batman not an Axonn revamp.

Edited Title For Clarity ~ The Archon

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Oh Hello. :open_mouth: This thing is BEAST! I Liked! :slight_smile:

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Pretty good, but it would probably benefit if the shoulders were a bit wider.

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Needs more Dark red.


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