Ayndreas. Battlemage Extraordinaire.


Alt masks


Original color scheme included gold. I didn’t like it.


The light blue and dark green work extremely well together. It looks amazing! This is easily my favorite.


Awesome colour scheme, love the blue highlights throughout. Well though-out bulky boi!

How did you made those hands?

He got them from bootleg Lego sets.

Thanks meeps!

@LegoDavid meepinator is right - they’re from a Chinese bootleg set that you used to be able to buy on AliExpress.com. But no one can seem to find them anymore. I have heard that they’re on the Wish App now though, but I can’t confirm that myself.


Ugh, another MOC that is simply perfection - I have no idea how you keep doing it man, but please never stop :stuck_out_tongue:

The colourscheme is fantastic as always, the shaping is godly, and good lord that weapon - just yes.


Oh wait, i never got to ask this but are those hands 3-D printed?

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No sir. They are bootLego. You used to be able to buy the figure they came with on AliExpress. But apparently they are out of stock now.

There were 4 figures with these hands, each with a different color: black, dark gray, light blue (as in this MOC), and flesh. I bought all of them except the flesh.

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woah! that’s really cool dude!

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Could use some more baby blue in the front

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