Azral the gladiatorial Knigt(or something)W.I.P

Thanks everyone that gave names for this moc, I tried to combine elements of a few and ended up with this one. Anyway this is a bigger fighter class styled guy that is trying to regain his honor back. He wears the chains to represent the captivity he was put in once he slaughters dozens of innocents, he also adds a link per life he takes from now on to remind himself of the monster he’s become. He fights in ancient arenas killing beasts worse then him. Hope you all enjoy!

And then here’s the back of him:

Sorry for the super simple build of the sword, it’s that way because this is a wip and I want it to be all black.(I will most likely change the hand to so it haves posable fingers)


What are those pieces that you used for the shoulders?

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Like the armor piece on the chest and such or the actual arms?

On the torso

It’s one of the pieces from galidor believe it or not.


very interesting design you got here

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his pelvis looks funny and those arm bits and that weird pelvis. However he’s still a good build

Ya if you got any suggestions to make the moc better I’m listening because this is a work in progress.

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