B:NG, MNI, and other fan projects that died

Since the revival of the Bionicle fanbase (thanks in part to TTV's great reporting on leaks and such) I've been thinking of old fan projects I was a part of.

I was one of the many pretty much useless people that wanted to voice act for the infamous Bionicle: Next Generation. A pity they died out really, they had a lot of great ideas and people.

There was Mata Nui Inc., where I was a MoCist and possible voice actor.

In connection with B:NG, I was the writer for the BIONICLE: Universe RPG helmed by Dethraid. I unfortunately had to resign from that and a few other things I was wrinting at the time because I literally had 5 or so writing projects and IRL stuff was suffering greatly, tho now I kinda wish I could be rehired for writing B:U. It was seriously the best fan project ever IMO and looking back at what I had written I think had the outline of a potentially really great game planned out. If you guys would want to read it I may "leak" the skeletal script, tho Idk if Deth is still working off it. Or if he's working on it at all anymore, he was at least as of Jan last year when he posted this.

Anyway, were any of you a part of these or other fan projects that fizzled out? Would you want any of them to be revived now that Bionicle is back? Afterall, this part of the Bionicle fanbase at least seems somewhat forgiving of unfinished projects coughBioCraftcough lol

P.S. I think this is the right category for this? If not I appologise


I wasn't aware of these, although I would like to see some of them come to fruition, like the BIONICLE: Universe RPG.

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I haven't been involved in any projects really...


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What was that @Chro?



*raises hand.

Used to be part of the B:NG work crew (was part of the small group that created the only short they released). There is some remnant of the group still alive but they moved off to yet another forum which I forget the address.

Also worked on Bionicle: Showdown which was stationed on the same site for a while.

tbh, I get the feeling that a good majority of the former crew are too burned out to attempt another endeavor again.


Wait why is Tahu infected with a Krana being saved by Onua? Did Lewa take a day off?


Home sick with an ear infection


I will say that it is canon that Tahu wore a krana for a short time. I think it whas when he was in the Bohrok nest that he blew up to get back to the other Toa.

It occurred in Beware the Bohrok, although it doesn't say in the story that he wore a krana.

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If you care for them here are the links to the two forums I know of.
2D team http://bionextgen.forumotion.com/
3D team http://bionicle-ng.forumotion.com/
I think HahliNuva is still working some on the 3D team

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Quest of the Toa

Never forget.

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