(This was an entry for @Djokson boxing contest on instagram)

So, this is a bee that is a robot and has boxing gloves. I’ve been told before that I am just a few steps away from making this into a plague mech. My main inspiration was the pokemon Beedrill (I hope everyone is familiar with that thing), and anything else was maybe just general robots? The thrust on the back is meant to propel B33 forward for a fierce strike while his wings don’t actually serve a purpose. His stinger is his massive battery pack that keeps him in the action.

Personally to myself, I feel like this is my least favorite mocs to have been made this year, mainly because I always have felt like I do not as well when making something for a contest due to restrictions. But hey, I do like challenges.

Anyway, have a good one.


Very unique, very good. 10/10

It looks really good! I like how you used matoran feet/legs for it’s feet. Nice work!

That stinger looks awesome! great job, it really looks like a bee!

Really great use of system, especially the head.