Baba Ludmila

Rumors say that she only leaves her hut in order to kidnap children and chop them up as sacrifices to the dark gods. Of course, those are just baseless rumors, and Baba Ludmila can often be seen gathering medicinal herbs on the outskirts of the village.

Quick Halloween MOC, for more stuff check out my Flickr by clicking on the image above.


Iā€™d like to see the structure of this without the cloak. Is that a Velociraptor torso I see?

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Yep, upside-down raptor torso. The build underneath it is nothing too fancy, just some CCBS to form a general shape.


this looks sick

Whoa whoa whoa easy there satan

woooow, what a baba! The velociraptor torso is so intersting as face

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Yeah, that face is like nothing I've ever seen. Way to go!

The staff is very well done. Clever part usage for the face

Ohh very nice like it looks simple but still really cool I may try to make something similar to represent an old witch or warlock or something in my story I will credit you since this has given me inspiration

Dat brilliant head