Badly describe the movie above you!

So this is a game where someone posts a movie, and then the next person describes it in the most innacurate way possible. For example

Jon: “Star Wars a new hope”

Jeff: “a farm kid wants to be a fighter pilot but he’s so bad at it that he blows up a moon. Mulan”

Jeorge: “a magic girl wants to join an exclusive all-boys club and kicks sticks at them when they won’t let her. Jurrasic Park”

Jake from State farm: “a millionare makes a theme park but it gets infested with lizards and fat thieves.”

You do not have to have seen the movie, you just have to be able describe it badly.

So to start things off:
the Lego Movie


Blockman goes on hero’s journey.



Oh wait, you said badly describe it…

Bionicle: Mask of Light.

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Two kids deliver a Halloween mask to activate gods GPS system

Avengers endgame


Lots of people in spandex suits fight a big purple man with a golden rave glove and Thor is fat and depressed.

Donnie Darko.

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Schizophrenic kid is haunted by the future ghost of girlfriends killer.

Men in Black.

the irs fights aliens.

honey, i shrunk the kids.

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A crazy guy almost kills his kids.

Master and Commander.


(spoiler: boats die (graphic!!1!))


There is another battle on a desert planet.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

squid vs old people underwater

3 dev adam

Sounds like programming.


cyber 2077 before it was cool


A teenager creates mayhem using a spirit in a brass container.

Oliver Twist.

organized crime alters its hiring age.

Tron Legacy.

Wreck-It-Ralph for dummies

Playmobil: the movie

Great Value Lego Movie

The Da Vinci Code

banned by some people for some reason

Shrek (can’t believe nobody’s done this one yet )

Local anprim overthrows a monarchy

The Room

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Guy laughing and never developing his character

cool cat saves the kids