Baikuni, the wanderer

My second vehicle moc (my first I never took any pictures)
It actually started out as lechery for a 7 sins based team but I couldn’t find any designs I liked and it turned into this.

And becuase I needed to fill the back better she has small thrusters

The bike

Fold out Stand


Both models look nice.
Are the hips so wide because she has to fit on the bike? If the answer is “no” you should change that. That’s my only critique wit the MOC.

Not any wider than a ccbs torso and I tried a 4 wide but then her legs came off when on the bike.

Looks really cool, love the bike.

eh this looks like another protector MOC

sees bike : oh

The bike looks really good and is very well shaped love it. :+1:


Not really a fan of the Protector person itself but…that bike is…nice.

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My thoughts exactly, but does the bike have a gear function?

No. just some gears to make it look mechanical like an engine.

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