For those in the Spacial Reality Rp, youll know who this is. And for those in Bad Choices, this is his grandson. Anyway, this is Bailey, enjoy!


Bailey was a lieutenant colonel in a militia far off in space, he got his rank after a mission where his whole squad died. After the loss of his only freinds he snapped, the magic passed down in his family had awoken and he used it to slaughter every alien there. Almost everyone in that militia feared him for it afterwards, hes mostly silent, unless you can somehow befreind him.

Random shot of him with his crossbow

another random shot of him with his crossbow :stuck_out_tongue:

(kinda) a full body shot

Edgy angle of him with his sword, sorry for the red balljoints by the way, ran out of black ones

meditating pose, yes his feet are just 6 long black shells, i thought it looked good

and him taking his cloak off

yay you can finally see his build :laughing: im kinda proud of it

back shot, which is always needed


and last picture, which is my favorite of him. youtube video will be uploaded soon, and as always c and c is appreciated! bye!

Edit* heres the video!



The lighting is very cinematic, but it makes it hard to see details. From what I can see, though, it looks pretty cool.


Don’t they look the same?

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Kinda- they look the same outside of armor and mask, bailey from s.r. looking like its more futuristic

I love it man. Also ~E.D.G.E~ I love it.


to bad malex stole the girl he liked/s :laughing:

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Too bad I just thought of an arc with Ideruba and love potions.[/spoiler] [spoiler]/s?

so ideruba can steal her too, i presume XD /s

Sara hopefully is at home taking care of the kids…

Bailey 1 holding back tears in the spirit world)/s

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a Strider moc slides into the frame Should be getting my bricklink parts soon to make a Strider moc. Anyways great job!

He looks great but there is one question that I can’t stop thinking of? HOW DOES HE SEE? Please… Tell me…

hes supposed to be wearing a mask and this is the closest i could get to the original idea


Oh… Well that’s OK :slight_smile:

his head seems flat and to small from the side