Bambo Master Of Masters

Bambo is a master in Marcelarts he is impossible to be beating. When he dosent use his fist he has at his disposal a enchanted powerful sword giving by God and a sychf giving by the dead. So what I try to build was a bionicle moc which uses parts from g2 bionicle so what I try to build was a samurai warrior which has powers and I think I naild it if not OK. So as for the build I used roberbands I know that’s not good but it makes the job done it holds every thing securely and I am prod of myself. I hope that you see this moc ven and you will future it on a moc spotlight and one thing this is the first time I am doing this and I only can upload only 3 pictures so yeah cya.


is anything attached? seems like the master of rubberbands to me


So you don’t like it, well it’s fine I don’t expect good comments. It has some armore attach but well I though let’s put some rrubberands perhaps it will look cooler

I didnt mean to offend you, just giving my personal opinion, the rubberbands make it look fragile and they dont really fit the colorscheme nor the texture


OK thanks for your fit back

Nice build for a scythe.



It’s simple, and looks good. Although I feel the rubber bands take a bit away front it.


Moved to Lego Creations board.

The colors are fairly consistent until you get to the legs which bring in both trans green and trans neon green. Generally I like the color scheme but I would stick with only one of those since you already have trans blue in the color scheme as well. I don’t have a problem with the rubber bands, but I would find a differenet color for them, as the salmon ones don’t blend in to the build.

That said, the design of the scythe and the sword are really cool. Overall, a neat MOC.


Thanks and OK I will try to find other roberbands but I only have green red and yellow thank you all from your fit back

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I enjoy most of this moc except the rubber bands look very odd. Im not getting a samurai feel from this moc

it needs a skirt thing to really give it that look. The ankles look very large. If you moved the onua claw piece to the thighs it would look some what like a skirt.