Bambu The Master v3

[details=Bambu’s Backstory]Bambu still lives, but years passed quickly like anticipated. He grew older and more wiser but he still kept himself to his peak physical condition, he might not be as younger and faster as he would want himself to be, but that is to be expected since that’s how life is, you grow older and eventually you die.

Bambu is a master at all known martial arts, as he learned them over time, by his once so called Master.

Not many Ysmaen were talented as he was at that time when his Master trained a group of young Ysmean warriors.

Bambu displayed that he can learn a fighting move with relative ease and he pretty much can recognize your fighting style by only showing him a few moves, he also poses a photographic memory, easing his task on learning all known martial arts, since he has a very long life span, that was his only primary objective.

He is the deadliest most skilled fighter in the entire world. Many have tried to kill him and many have failed, but some were close.

But were killed immediately, as he became the GrandMaster of the Prime Palace in his mittle age life, since his Master passed away of oldness, it is said that his Master lived over 900 years.

Bambu was devastated over his Master’s death because he was the only Grandfather figure to him at the moment.

But his Master told him not to regret and grief over his death but to rejoice, as he will be in a better place.

As Bambu became more experienced in life, beings of incredible power came from a different galaxy, they called themselves The Kaethrani.

The Kaethrani destroyed a Ysmaen town which Bambu’s Family lived. His father tried to hold them off much as possible but he was killed by Yorm the second strongest Kaethrani.

Alongside the rest of Bambu’s family and the Town was destroyed alongside the other Ysmaen people which once lived there.

As Bambu heard the death of his family, rage came to him like a river. He then went to face The Kaethrani alone by himself a mistake that he dreads to this day because it cost him half of his true power.

Bambu attacked Yorm, being his young self he was faster and agile then he is now in the present.

Bambu’s strength surprised Yorm, seeing that mortals were so weak, seeing otherwise it was quite intriguing, but their battle didn’t lose long because Yorm sends a wave of energy equivalent to an atomic bomb.

Bambu’s healing factor barely saved him as most of his body was damaged alongside his nerve system, his brain barely worked and his heart was almost giving up.

But his healing factor somewhat still kicked in keeping him alive, though e could not move he was still alive.

Bambu decided to lay there as if he was dead, he saw that he was no match to Yorm’s power.

The suffering and agony alongside the scream of his fellow people still hunt him to this day.

But as all hope seemed lost a Requiem Warrior came, his name was Scar. He was the most powerful of the Requiem Warriors and he fought the Kaethrani and was dealing tremendous damage to their armor.

It didn’t last long that the Outriders decided to retreat, seeing they were no match to the Scar’s abilities.

Scar saw Bambu’s struggle to live, so he eased his pain and with Scar’s help he healed Bambu.

Though Bambu’s courage came with a cost, Scar explained to him that most of his body was damaged and that his 10 times healing factor is reduced to 5 times.

Thus making him only half as powerful as he once was. It was at that time that Scar and Bambu became close friends and also it was that time where the Zenthronians asked them for their help to put a stop to the Outriders.

Bambu and Scar agreed, though Scar needed to speak with his superiors, they eventually agreed to help the Zenthronians seeing that their intelligence and world domination was an advantage to their cause.

Bambu then soon set on a quest, quested by none other than Agent Fury himself the leader of the organization called the Z.I.S.

At first, Bambu seemed hesitant but Agent Fury promised him that his request is not without reason, he needs to find and train the strongest people of their individual races.

Bambu agrees and sets on a very long journey, though with only half of his true strength’s potential healed, he was still a very deadly fighter and very few chose to fight against him.

These individuals Bambu was set to find and train, will soon become the deadliest warriors on the planet, thus becoming the group called, The Furious

And he will train them at his Palace called The Prime Palace and when they are ready, Bambu will travel with them to Zenthronia.[/details]

Name: Bambu Dervius
Race: Ysmaen
Country: Ysmaenia
Martial Arts: He is trained in all known martial arts, to name a few: Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Jujutsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Capoeira and Combatives.


Weapons: He traded his Scythe and Sword into a giant broadsword which is made out of the strongest metal this earth universe has to offer, it is light and can cut through anything. And while it’s forged and left to cool off over time, while it’s cool and finished it is impossible to break.

Abilities: He possess the standard Ysmaen Warrior abilities, meaning he is very strong, fast, tough, durable, fast reflexes, smart, super healing factor and can age to almost 1000 years.

Though not many Ysmaen reach that level of oldness, Bambu on other hand has reached 800 years.

Powers: Though the Ysmaen are really strong just by nature alone their strength and power increase do to their healing factor making them 2 times or 3 times stronger, the healing abilities don’t have a limit but the mortal body has.

Ysmaen Healing Factor gives you, super speed, strength, agility, intellect, reflexes etc.

Bambu is the only known Ysmaen to have a healing factor which is a class 10, making him 10 times stronger than before.

He is the only Ysmaen in history to possess that kind of healing factor and he is the only one which has master its secrets and can use it swiftly at his own will.

Though that is now hindered, due to the fact that he was terribly injured in his first duel with Yorm leaving him with only a healing factor class 5 making him 5 times as stronger.

Meaning he has lost half of his full power. He can still generate energy and disburse it at his enemies or whoever he is fighting, when he’s charged up his body will emit green thunder through his body and his punching sounds sound like crashing thunder only not that loud.

And can pretty much cause the Outrider’s armor to take damage and deteriorate, but not at a faster rate like he once could have.

He can run at 600 miles per hour and can lift over 60 Tons with ease on a daily basis.

Here is a look on the back, looks pretty smooth and everything looks compact.

Here is he in an action pose, I mean I find that the green and silver fit together pretty well in my point of view and I’ve changed his lower legs, and his calves.

Posability is good, he can do pretty much whatever you want. Look at them high kicks man…

Here you can see another pose, with his sword resting on his right shoulder.

And look at the sword, that is the best sword I have made, period. I am not lying.

Here we get a closer look on him and, please do so admire every detail you can see or find.

Now if you don’t want to get spoiled and want to be surprised on which characters are in the team then don’t look at this picture, but if you want to get spoiled then I did my job by warning you.

The Furious

If any of you are interested, here is Bambu’s Theme. The credit belongs to their respective owners.

Now let me know if you liked the changes I’ve done on Bambu, your constructive criticism is greatly appreciated if you have any feedback let me know.

If there is any way I could improve upon him let me know other then that I bid you a farewell and see you around, bye.


I can’t help but think that the description for this guy feels a bit… ahem… youtubey.

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This MOCis great, the only thing I HATE is that cutter on his head! For me it looks horrible! As the overall,it is really nice, the sword is great

Okay, but I don’t get what you mean about the description being youtubey.[quote=“Toa_Radrix, post:3, topic:47458, full:true”]
This MOCis great, the only thing I HATE is that cutter on his head! For me it looks horrible! As the overall,it is really nice, the sword is great

Well I could get rid off the hat bu then he’ll look like a generic head with blue eyes. You want that more ?

Maybe you could find any good mask for him, or make another hat that is not so weird.

While I do think he needs some sort of mask… dat sword bro


He kept his physical condition as you could see that he is still very muscular, but he isn’t as fast as he wants himself to be, since he aged.
Okay I’ll edit so it would fit more into the story. I actually do have a background story but I didn’t felt like I should go into very much detail.

He is not an anime type character. He is an OP Character yes but he is not anime. Hens I don’t like anime.

I said Constructive Criticism is appreciated, but sarcasm is not appreciated.

Brazillian Capoeira is a martial art which transforms dancing moves into deadly kick blows. And yes he lives on Terra.

If you had done your research you would have known that Brazilian Capoiera and Capoiera are actually to different things, and it is a martial art. Go search for google martial arts and you will see it.

Okay, then how is it possible that Batman has studied every single martial art ? Then let’s say that he has a good memory and he can learn fast any fighting style as he has a photographic memory

Yes, he is a living legend. Since his last mission 50 years have passed and he is considered as just a legend, only a few people in the world believe that he lives and only very few people know that he lives, which mostly those very few people are his life time friends. I’ll have edit if its bugging you that much.

Well there is a reason why, and it was my bad for not expressing why he did it. It’s because he is old and he will die, so he scattered across the world to find warriors which will become his succor.

Becuase the palace is called the Prime Palace and his warriors are protecting it, hens the name, but along side being only guards they have their band name. I don’t think it is that hard to understand, either you want to joke around and use your annoying sarcasm or you actually you didn’t understood why I meant by the name in the first place.

There is no trans-blue on this guy whatsoever…

Well if you know, black axles are more expensive and I only have one, and there are no other pins, in that size. There are only two colors blue and tan.

Um a minor sacrifice for the hat because I think its cool and I’ll never get rid off it because it was my main inspiration. I wanted to make a character having a hat and I tried other design but I didn’t like it, so you’ll have just to deal with it. Your sarcasm is annoying too but well what should we do on that.

Its not going to fall off, I wanted the hat to cover most of his face, making him mysterious, so you could only be able to see his mouth.

Which one ?

Yes those things are shoulder pads.

I meant silver, sorry for the incorrection. And if that helps I will remove the sentences so that you don’t make a heart attack.

The hat is perfect size and it does not hinder his articulation.

Now that was very mean and it wasn’t at all a constructive criticism and it was only pure arogant sarcasm. You are not funny so stop making yourself awkward.

You want to hear the full story ? First I thought Bambo was spelled this way because at the end of his name you could hear u. By about that time which I discovered that in english o isn’t like u. I already posted the character and since I was to lazy or I didn’t had time to correct it. Don’t ask me why I didn’t do it that time, I am a weird Teenager.

Yeah whatever, like I said if this really bugs you. I’ll edit it out. jeez.

Oh and stop this freaking sarcasm is really getting annoying and that was the primary reason why your comment made me feel upset in the first place. So in the future, keep it clean keep it to the constructive criticism area and reviewing.

Thanks for your ranking. I’ll redit and by the time you are done reading this, I’ll be done, we’ll see I dunno, you’ll just have to keep watching till you see a change.

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OK, first of my original post was deleted for some reason.

But this won’t stop me to reply to you.

Makes sense then.

I wanted to say that he is as OP as the anime characters, not that he is from an anime.

I pointed out the plothole in your backstory.

So your universe is happening on Earth?

The difference is the region where the two are practiced, which kinda influences the moves.

Who said that Batman learned every single martial art?

So he is not a mith, he is real.

This makes sense and actually seem good.

Why would they need two names? Where they a team before they were recruited? Were they friends? They don’t need two names for the same band. Unless it is an Terra/Earth time of situation, but even then, Terra is used only in scientific means and Earth is used in every day dialogue. Both Protectors of the Prime Palace and the Furious are meant to be the title the team is using. Why would a team need two names?
Also I was not sarcastic I was expressing the fact I don’t understand why the same team would need two names.

I was talking about the colour scheme of the previous version, which used trans-blue…

Tan would be more useful, IMO.

  1. I think I said I am OK with the lack of an eye stock because the whole head was reminding me of a moc I liked.
  2. This is not sarcasm. Not at all.

I think the shield piece would do a better job, then.

One that had the Skrall saw shield on his head, like a hat.

Good. If the muscles are that contracted… It’s not good.

Very kind of your side.

It seems that it would interfere with the shoulder pads, as it is seen in the pic with the pose where he rises his leg.

It is not sarcasm. Is my personal opinion. Almost all of them look like regular CCBS builds with nothing on them.

As I said, it’s not a problem. It’s fine.

It is not sarcasm. You are sarcastic when you say something on a distinct tone, with the purpose of making it obvious that you are thinking something else. Almost everything I said in that post was what I was thinking, and nothing more. It was not sarcasm.

Now let’s look into the edits…

Just one question: you said that he lives on Earth. What species is he?

So what is this Dark Dragon? A creature, a weapon? How could you unleash a fraction of the power of a being?

Man this is dark.

I thought he already learned them all.
For a guy that isn’t watching anime, you are making a lot of anime-like story. But it’s OK, aside of some questions that appear now that we know he is living on our planet.
Anyway, the score still remains 9/10

Yes, where else would it happen ?

Comics ? Novels ? Internet ? That short of thing ?

Yes. He is very real, only people believe that he died or he didn’t exist, since well I explained why.

I changed their name into one name, so quit crying already.

But that was his first appearance and the reason why he had trans-blue hat was because I didn’t had the grey version of the saw shield so that color will never appear in this moc. If I decided to make another version…

:rolling_eyes: Tan don’t have friction at all so that is a very bad idea, IMO.

It doesn’t interfere with his shoulder pads at all. Like I said I own the moc and what I say matters hens I own the moc lol.

Got a problem ? Then go to the train station.

I didn’t come up with the name yet, I still have to think about it.

The Dark Dragon is a vestal like being which is a God. The entity’s name I didn’t come up with cause…reasons, cause I didn’t come up with the character yet.

I know darker.

I think I explained why.

Well…I got a very large fantasy. That’s all am about to say.

On a fictive Bionicle universe like most of the other Bionicle fan stories. It is a little bit risky to put it on Earth, raising a lot of question marks.

Can I see a source that says Batman knows every single fighting style?

Crying? Really?

Fair enough…

I thought the pieces are exactly the same, other than the colours.

I don’t get it.

You didn’t. You just said ‘he returned and continued training’.

He is not a Bionicle like being. You know ManiaMac1613 ? His characters are made from bionicle but they play in the earth but they are different species and one of them is Human.

Just think here outside the box and I never said that my universe contains bionicle stuff, nah-uh.

Yes the Novels.

Yes :wink:

Well you thought wrong and now you know.

Romanian people will get it…

Because he wanted to be The Master of all known Martial Arts. He was trained in all but if he was the Master the first time he trained…I can’t say for sure. But the second time he became The Master.

I know about ManiaMac. I also know he is the only guy I know that is having his mocs in an Earth-based universe.

No. An actual source. I want to see where it is wrote that Batman knows every single fighting style.

I need to test them myself…

I am.

If he became the Master why did he continued the training?

Well not anymore, because I am having them as well in Earth-Based Universe. Totally respect for the dude, he was my main inspiration.

Youtube is a good searcher, just type in how many fighting style did he learn, normally I’ve heard from the comics that he was trained in every single fighting style.


Then you should get that reference.

Because he wanted ? That sounds reasonable.

It is your job to convince me that he knows every single fighting style.

I don’t.

No, you have two hands a brain and a computer for a reason.


Then you can’t convince me that Batman knows every-single fighting style.
Because I did researched and he doesn’t know everysingle fight style. So it is you job to show me where did you got that.