Barbielo, the Patriarch


so, long story short, this is barbielo, Wärter’s master
Barbielo, the Patriarch

Barbielo, the Patriarch

Barbielo, the Patriarch

that little guy there? that’s Wärter

the torso design is also stolen, it belongs to Ben


When was he purple?

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he is an onu-toa/matoran, he always wears cloth and armor, that’s why you cant actually see his skin/biomechanical stuff color

basically, an excuse for being lazy

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What kind of paint or marker do you use to get the armor silver and is there a way I can get some? p.s awesome moc

it’s chrome spray paint

Does it stay on well?

if you let it dry? yes, it can chip away tho, I havent vad any problems tho

i’m assuming the name comes from the spanish words for beard and ice…?


Very nice head design! This dude looks pretty cool, and the metallic paint looks much better than the silver ones produced by LEGO. I think that the feet look a little big though. Otherwise, good job.

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That beard is genius! Nice moc.

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I’m really digging that chrome paint. Is that a spray paint or acrylic? What brand are you using?

And the way you formed the beard was straight genius.


Dang, this guy is awesome! That Strakk head as the beard is awesome, and I really love the claw pieces forming his… noseguard?

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beard- barba
ice- hielo

barbielo! yes

@BlackboltJohnson spray, chrome spray


Cool. How many coats did it take?

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it took only 1 actually, the color of the piece doesnt matter, it will cover it completely with just one

That’s great news. I’m definitely trying this. Chrome as an accent color will probably look great on some MOCs.

Do you know if the paint will come off?
I’d love to have chrome pieces, but not, perhaps, at the expense of those pieces being forever chrome.

I can’t help you with that, I could maybe try, what do people use to remove paint?

No idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go look it up…also we might have gotten a little off-topic, sorry about that

alright, I did an experiment, and if you are patient enough, you could probably remove it with nail polish

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