It’s a big, biomechanical gorilla. Isn’t that wonderful?

i swearz my finger wasnt there. it liez.


The build is interesting (mainly the body) but I don’t like the top view of the figure.
Also gorilla aren’t suppose to have a tail.

Bionicle Harambe? Is it really you?!

Its a fairly interesting build. How’d you come up with a name like that?

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Brilliant use of the original Furno helmet. Great work.

The name was quite random

The foot was the only piece I had that fit there (For armoring) , and I didn’t want to have an empty socket.

If you have one, you could just put in a red ball joint. It would fill the socket and keep the tail to a minimum.

I actually do have one. I’ll edit the moc.

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Its a big messy and cluttered but the overall shape is pretty gorrila-like, cool moc.

This looks amazing! I especially love how you made the head!

I absolutely love the head.

Harambe, have you returned?

Jokes aside, this is a pretty neat MOC.
My only “problem” with this MOC is I think a bit of white could have been on the arms.

although i haven’t seen a gorilla in ages so maybe the arms are accurate


Obligatory Harambe joke

like the colors, reminds me of that one hero factory gorilla, whatever his name was…


Wait, what do you mean that meme is dead?

It’s the Canadian gorilla. Oh Canada.