Barraki Ehlek: Eel of Death

“We have a little problem reaching the mask - actually, a 300-foot long problem.”


It’s pretty weird… I feel you bulked too much of him, when he’s supposed to be very skeletal.


probably because of how I drew the limbs

Yes, that’s it. And also because the head is so small.


I agree with what @Toa_Radrix said, but it’s great in rest.

(Unintelligible screeches of happiness)

I love it! It looks really cool, and is very well done! The differing color in squids is nice, and really the only thing I have any complaint about is that the upper arms just don’t seem quite right. Whether that’s because of the bulk, or the lack of detail compared to the rest (don’t worry, I understand what you had to base it off of), but other than that, I think he looks great!

Most version of Ehlek I would want to scoop up and cradle or something, but this one…

it terrifies me.


Looks a little messy, but other than that it’s really quite good. You’ve pulled off the 3D effect quite well, at least in most places. The upper arms and upper torso do need that shading, because it just looks kinda… flat, at least compared to the lower half of the body.
Other than that, just keep drawing!

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A very accurate rendition, very nice.

I’ll try to improve the shading