Barraki species?

I understand this is a weird question that has little to do with the main story but may I ask what specific species each barraki belonged to (yes I am aware of their nicknames) I am asking because I am not sure if they would be considered Rahi or whatnot due to their animalistic designs despite being able to come up with advanced battle strategy.


I’d like to pop in here quick and remind you the Barraki weren’t very close to Rahi whatsoever; they aren’t a species either. They were six warlords who from each of their kingdoms tried war 'n stuff ()best let Greg explain that) but long story short they wound up in the underwater prison the Pit and got mutated into what they look like now.

While they probably have some form of Rahi control, or just subtle persuasion to control their forces, they aren’t really comparable to Rahi because they never were close. But I defer to Mr. Farshtey for the rest, as I most likely messed something up in my explanation and because this is his Ask topic.


I was aware that barraki was not a species and even if I thought it was why would I ask what species they were? I’m asking their individual species and where they stand on the scale of rahi or not due to them being capable of advanced battle strategy yet also having very much animalistic behaviour

They are not rahi by the slightest. Rahi are a very defined group of creatures created from viruses and protodermis. Iirc, the 6 prime species, much like the Vortixx and Skakdi, were created by Mata Nui. Their mutations could very likely have affected their behaviour.

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Good to know however about the animalistic thing it would not apply to ehlek and noturn due to them not being affected much by the mutation or at least ehlek who only got his spines from the mutation due to him being very resistant to the mutation

Nocturn is immune, and he isn’t a barraki nor of a prime species.

I never said nocturn was either just included him because he is a ally of the barraki sorry about the confusion

Alright, fair enough. Nocturn’s species I believe has been noted to be rather primitive.

As for the Barraki, I’m gonna leave them to Greg.

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Sorry for stepping on your toes mate but on the bright side we cleared up so issues but we still don’t know what species each barraki belongs to sadly

What do you mean? They were all 6 of different, sapient species, all unnamed and non-Rahi.

Or do you mean like Pridak being based on a shark? o.O

No I mean literally just the names of their respective species

There are no names. They were never given names, and legally, Greg wouldn’t be able to without getting them approved by LEGO.

Feels bad man

Yes, as Wolk points out, their race had no names in story and it is too late for me to be able to give them any.