Baruka: Native Son

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This Toa of Fire hails from a primitive and peaceful tribe of Matoran living in the wilderness. His bone-adorned armor and fang-fingered gauntlets may appear sinister, but Baruka is actually a naive and valiant warrior with a pure heart.

Baruka's custom-painted Kakama was the work of MrCod over at Modalt Masks.

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Sadly my like limit has been reached. Once again, I can't really say anything because I can't make anything better than an inika build. stuck_out_tongue

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It's too good for words to describe.

Wasn't even aware there was a like limit.

Saw this MOC a while back. Not going to say much because this is Chro and I have no issues with Chro's MOCs.

Why did I misread this as Bakura?
Also dem rubber bands

This is fantastic man! I really like how the Kakama was painted with the red outlining and the main black color.
The build is very solid and looks very articulated.
And @LelouchViBritannia , I misread it as Brutaka. smile

This Moc is amazing. * Starts clapping *

@ToaVuhii Like limit? Whaaat? stuck_out_tongue Thank you.
@Collector Haha, thanks!
@Ekorak No issues at all? That's very nice of you, but I do appreciate constructive criticism. wink
@LelouchViBritannia I'd assume Bakura is a character from, er, Code Geass? NO WAIT I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT BAKURA'S FROM Pardon my ignorance, I didn't have much time to watch anime this summer (outside of... uh... KLK).
@Axonn126 Thanks! I do agree, the mask really completes the MOC. Huge props to Modalt.

(Geez, these emotes scare me.)

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No problem. smiley

Seriously my only qualm about this, if it can even be called one, is the regular armor as apposed to a smooth style that I've seen in some of your stuff.

Well. I suppose that I don't really like the head from the back, but seeing as it's just a Mata head that can't really be avoided.

I presume he's been long since scrapped? stuck_out_tongue

@Collector smile
@Ekorak Ah, knew there had to be something! Thank you. And yes, he has. wink

OH MY GOSH! Love that Kakama!!

I don't believe you

@Veneras You can get one for yourself, you know. smile
@LelouchViBritannia Something about "selling out to TFS" comes to mind. wink

What? WHERE?

Modalt does commissions.

such glory....

All of their masks are just as good as they look online - or, in some cases, even better!

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Oh my god that mask, that moc, that build... This is truly a woderful moc! Love it 10/10. Defiantly goes on my top 25! ~Pyrox

Thank you!