basic story of year 2

First story
So my thought is if we have a civil war that it happens when they awaken Ekimu (That’s what happens in year 1 right?). When it happens the tribes are awakened by Ekimu and begin to praise him. The tribes then begin to argue where Ekimu should reside, all wanting him to be in their region. Soon small riots begin to happen when the Toa visit the tribes to help rebuild and clean the areas. With this happening the elders of fire and ice declare war on each other (cause why not) and begin to fight in both regions. other tribes begin to help out one or the other tribe and the elders want the Toa to be the general’s for the war. the Toa don’t want to, but have a sense of pride for their tribe. Meanwhile, Ekimu is having fun at each of the tribes by telling them that he’s on their side.

second story
when the villages awaken and find six Toa. the tribes start to argue where a central base for the Toa should be. After much arguing the tribes put it in the earth region for now. Then, some of the tribes stop trading the earth tribe until they move the Toa to their region. The earth tribe says no and two tribes declare war on earth. With this happening, the Toa help the earth tribe, but Tahu is called a traitor of his tribe and leaves the group. With Onua trying to keep it together, Lewa and Pohatu leave for their own tribes. This begins the Civil war that’ll end with the awakening of Ekimu.

Please tell me what you think of it and what tweaks I could make to match the story that’s going on. Either story can be used, bot not both.

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I don’t believe Ekimu ever gets awakened in G3. They said he’s long been dead. Makuta is the one who awakens and grows in power over the few years before finally returning to his full strength.

But the Toa base idea could still work as part of the cause of the war (though probably not the main cause).

I think that in year 3 Ekimu’s awakening should be what stops the Civil war.

it’s in the second story.

well I would have saved it for the year 3.

Keep the tension up all year

I prefer if he awakens at the end, but he’s shrouded in mystery so that we get a cliffhanger for year 3.

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I can subscripe to that logic.