Baterra Moc Plus Variants

So I recently tried to create my rendition of a Baterra in and decided I’d also try and make variants of Baterra as a fun lines of clone sets. They are not complete accurate to the comic version of the Baterra I’ll probably fix them once the modeling program gets those pieces. Hope you all like these though.

P.S.- I used the Visorak color scheme to make them stand out a little more.


They are nice! How those cute spiked balls can kill anybody at all :rofl:. Weapons greatly chosen. But I see some differences from comics (leg armor, main body piece)… Also, that lacking mace half can be found in Lego Digital Designer, maybe creating them there and the importing in Studio helps.

The issue with importing is the pieces don’t interact with the parts. I’m just waiting for a custom parts pack update to add them in. But I still think they turned out great.

I recommend to try to build a full baterra in LDD, so when you import it you don’t need to move anything, just render. Also you can try to modify part in Part Designer, but it wouldn’t change color after that (have done myself). If you want tune them of course. I agree that bigger maces worked out great. Can you upload some breakdown photos?

I will eventually. I’ll be busy for the whole day but I will when I get some time.

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It’s funny, I actually had the same idea when i pitched my gen 3 idea. It’s cool to see that someone else thinks the same

Nice. I honestly wanted to do variants only because they inspired the Bohrok in the lore. And then I imagined what different colored Baterra might look like. The use of Visorak color schemes also came from the standard Baterra from that one Skrall comic already having the white Visorak’s color scheme. So I was like why not?

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Can’t stop looking at the white one, looks just like how I remember them from the comic! Also, I love the idea that the Baterra could have come in elemental variants like the Bohrok. Nice work!


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Great work on these, lookin fresh despite the inaccurate pieces. The Baterra are made of shapeshifting metal, so i’d assume these would just be them flaring up their spiked armor for extra damage!

Ohhh that’s a nice idea/narrative. Once gets the smaller mace parts, I’ll change them to be more accurate.