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Talk about Batman movies and stuff.

The impetus for this topic: I just re-watched The Dark Knight Rises the other day, and actually liked it a bit better than before. One thing I noticed was that (spoilers) they specified that the fusion reactor had been converted into a neutron bomb–in other words, there wouldn’t be any fallout from it, so it’s not a problem that Batman only managed to get it a few miles away from the city. I’d previously thought it had been an ordinary nuclear bomb, so the fallout thing had bugged me.


So uh, are we talking about alI Batman movies? Or just Nolan, or live action or what?

Because the animated Batman movies are the freaking bomb


Batman movies are awesome, my personal favorite is Batman and robin. :laughing:

All of them, because why not? :stuck_out_tongue: Of the animated ones, I’ve seen Under the Red Hood and both parts of The Dark Knight Returns. I didn’t quite know what to make of TDKR part 2, but I really liked the others.

@Shaymin36 I wouldn’t say that’s my favorite, but it is one of my favorite campy/“so-bad-it’s-good” movies, and I don’t care what anybody else says. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Shaymin36 We only speak of that movie when talking about bat-nipples. Almost as glorious as the #BlueNipplesofEhrye, but not quite…

@John_Smith Under the Red Hood was amazing. The Joker in that one was so well done, even if he barely had any comparative screen time, he had just enough of a presence in that film. Also, that entire ending sequence… OMG.

TDKR is very underrated, mostly because of its longevity. I agree that the second part was… different when compared to part one, but it all kinda makes sense when you think about it. The movie did rush some sequences though, trying to squeeze everything into a smaller format.

Another one I heard was good is Son of Batman, with Damian Wayne as Robin. I have yet to see it, but it’s probably next on my list. Either that, or Mask of the Phantasm.


Yeah, that ending… :’(

My beef with part 2 was that it seemed to be sending conflicting messages. Can’t say more than that without getting into politics. :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that, it did have several good scenes, and I liked how Batman outsmarted Superman.

I’ve been meaning to watch Mask of the Phantasm for ages.

Too bad that wasn’t the case with Godzilla.

(On topic)
I’ve only watched the Dark Knight trilogy, so I may not be an expert on Batman films, but I believe that (at the time of this post) The Dark Knight ranks as one of my favorite superhero films.
(I would comment on Gotham but this is for movies.)


I’m Batman.

(I want to see these movies, but alas I never have)

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Oh man. You’re in for a treat whenever you do see them. Well…most of them, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually liked Batman Forever and Batman and Robin quite a lot as a kid. Nowadays, I just watch them for the lolz. You really can’t take those movies seriously. Though I still like Jim Carrey’s completely over the top Edward Nigma/Riddler performance.


Mask of the Phantasm. That is all.

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What the Karzhani is that?
Nvm, I get it, but wouldn’t that be the case for all the Metrutoran.

But though Son of Batman was good, but Batman vs. Robin was AWESOME!!!

My favorite 2 are Batman Returns (Too bad the “adult” suggestions (I don’t know if I’m allowed to say se*ual) deleted the chance of more great Burton/Keaton movies) and Batman Begins.

I still feel ashamed that the first Batman movie I saw was Batman and Robin. :cry:

You’re allowed to mention something like that in passing. And remember, we have a censorship system. If it isn’t blocked out in the preview pane, then the word is okay.

Catwoman’s suggestive-ness was the reason why Burton never man more Batman movies? Seriously?

Well, parents had aHuge outrage because if the inappropriate sexual things that the Penguin SAID. And the blood, too. So, because of that they lost the McDonalds tie-in, they lost most of the kids because the parents didn’t like it, and then it made only half as much money as the first.

You can find more here.

I get the “in passing” part, but I have no idea what a preview pane is.

Actually, there are several words that can slip through the filter. TTV is aware of it, but until they can fix it, it’s probably best to rely on common sense to decide if you should use a word or not.

When you’re writing a message, it’s the pane to the right of the box that you type in. :slight_smile:

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Oh, yeah. I wish they made it a little bit less censored, because when I have to talk about Robin, I can’t say ■■■■ Grayson, so I have to go with Richard, which just sounds weird in a Robin conversation.

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Derp. Wasn’t thinking straight.

Well, that’s the price we have to pay I suppose. I wonder if whoever came up with the first Robin’s secret identity had any idea of how many problems the name would cause later on…

Well, I guess whoever started Batman/Robin homosexuality theories used the name, the fact they used to sleep in the same bed, and the speedo as evidence. Then again, that was during the '50s.

Batman under the Red Hood is one of my favorites (though it certainly has problems). That film has my second favorite Joker, Mark Hamill is obviously the number one, and the story is a little too actiony, but very good. It’s very intense too, and everyone does a great job. And as I said before, that Joker is great.


Also, it wasn’t Mark Hamill, it was actually John DiMaggio. (Jake the Dog from Adventure Time)