Battera Prime V2: The Silent Death

Here's the original

Here's the revamp!


Looks cool, but I think you should add more trans red, especially in the legs.


I think it's a real upgrade from last time, seems very solid for an inika build.


wait... this is an Inika build?

I didn't even notice..

Definite improvement. The colors balance out much more now. I like how you repurposed some of the parts (like the skrall heads). He is a bit cluttered for being an assassin-type guy. Keep up the good work!

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Definitely a giant step up, he looks a lot more menacing and the torso design is pretty cool!

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Much better, especially in the chest. Not much trans-orange, though.

Looking at both versions, this definitely looks like an improvement. Good job

Does definitely looks better :smile:

I got to say this looks great.
Love the new improvements and the hands.

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It's definitely interesting.