Battle for the Gold Mask - the biggest MOC contest held by the LEGO Group!

Yes, that's right! Lego is officially holding a contest at multiple Bionicle fan sites, as well as at their ReBrick forums! If you're a member of said sites:


Then you can enter the contest and win awesome prizes!

Personally, I'm excited! What about you?

Link to ReBrick topic -


Now I wish I was a member of one of those sights stuck_out_tongue


Join BZP and EB. I would personally avoid RusBionicle and Bionifigs if you don't speak Russian or French, as I have had some bad experiences with things being lost in translation (though I don't think there's any actual issue with those communities). No idea what Pockyland is.


"you have to create a villain using a minimum of 75% LEGO® Constraction/Technic bricks and no more than 25% System bricks."
I want to enter,can someone explain this for me? i mean,if i create my villain using only old Bionicle parts,my MOC will be accepted,right?

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"1st prize – 6 new Bionicle heroes, signed by the designer"

the sets will be signed by the designer? XD

But seriously guys this is perrrty epic. Anyone else gonna post their MOCs here for comparison/critique?


I think the boxes will be signed, not the pieces themselves.


I'll try submitting Verakion. Doubt he'll go far, but it's worth a shot


no vuhii, all 66 of pohatu's pieces will be signed

if not then i will be sad

But again, I'm super hyped about this. I might even make a BZP account!


If I do decide to enter, I'm doing it on Eurobricks. I've created two BZP accounts so far, and both have been locked for unknown reasons.

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Best strategy is to find the one with either the least or worst MoCs


Or just enter on all 6 of them XD

Well three may have a language barrier (for one of the three an alphabet barrier) and eurobricks has an 18+ age limit to join their site.

What they're asking you not to do is make a MOC that is more than 1/4 System. 3/4 or more has to be Bionicle, Technic, HF, etc.

Huh? I'm less than 18, and I managed to make an account over at EB just fine. Maybe I missed something.

If they find out your account will be terminated

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Ah, I see. Well, wasn't using the account that much though, so not a big loss.

That's incorrect. They don't ban you for that.
If you act in a mature and competent way, it doesn't matter your age, as long as you don't explicitly reveal on EB that you are under 18. I have stated my age in several other places, but have not been banned from EB. I am fairly certain that if you tell people on EB that your age is below 18, you are (by their rules) required to be banned, but that's happened to me in a private conversation with staff and I wasn't...
Just be careful about it, I guess.

E: Fixed.

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Also, I have a theory. If you remember the ComicCon stand, there were 7 masks - Toa Mata masks and the Mask of Creation.
Six forums.
Six masks.
Leaves the MoC.
What if the latter is to be the prize for a bigger contest/something else, or the MoC being the ultimate prize?


That edit Eljay made ruined the post for me! All I hear is Eljay's voice when I read "bullsnot" for the rest of the post xD

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Day 1- I built the basic frame work, head, feet, and weapons in real life in mismatched colors. I have also created the final framework, body, and limbs in LDD. Hero factory parts aren't bad actually, you have to add your own mechanical detailing though. stuck_out_tongue

It's been a good day. smiley

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