Battle of the Builds: an Interactive MOC Tournament

Welcome to the arena! You may choose ONE MOC each round!

Round 1:
Karion vs Onepu

Round 2:
Variox vs Naxorion

Who will lose? Who will prevail? Who will tell the final tale? You decide in the comments


I vote for the. Buying of A tripod

:unamused: just vote, and, actually, I've been considering it for a while

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I vote for Round 1
And for Round 2

Thank you! XD NOTE: this tournament is not cannon in my universe of MOCs, so anyone who died is NOT REALLY dead.

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So it has been decided!

Round one:
A heated battle had began. Karion had narrowly dodged the bullet shot by Onepu, and proceed to throw the gun away from him, using magnetism. What he did not realize was that Onepu still had a weapon on him- a knife! Karion came in to unleash his final blows, but Onepu dodged the bullets and slashes, until, when he was close enough, Onepu stabbed. A yell was able to be heard across the land, and almost everyone knew that Toa of Magnetism had just become extinct.

Round two:
As soon as the gates were lifted, Variox and Nexorion charged at each other. Being enemies, they have been waiting for this chance for this. Nexorion blasted at Variox multiple times, but he sidestepped each one! The battle ended pretty quickly, as Variox ran at Nexotion, he lit his blade on fire. He then attacked Nexorion's legs, crippling it. He finished the battle with one final stab. Nexorion's lights faded. Their battle was over.

Thanks to @Whaddon

And @LurkingEhlek

For voting!

Next, the final round: Variox vs Onepu!

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Variox. Swords are cooler than guns :stuck_out_tongue:

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Variox wins cause swords r cooooooooooooooo

Onepu because while Varox (you spelt it Variox) is more of a Warrior while Onepu has the speed and Range Advantage

Also Varox is a Robot meaning he is slower and he is used to fighting up close

While Onepu could just defeat Varox with one good shot

So like League of Legends they don't die because they are in the Fields of Justice (I need to Brush up on me League Lore)

You make a good point!

Okay! It's been what? One? Two weeks? Time to wrap this up! And now, without further delay, the final battle of the Battle of The Builds!

Once again, a heated battle began as soon as the gates were lifted. Onepu stayed to his side, while Varox charged at him. He shot, and Varox sidestepped. Again and again until Varox was closer to Onepu than he would've liked, so he threw the knife he'd been given at him. A direct hit! Fortunately, Varox might have emotions, but he's still a robot. He simply pulled it out of his arm and threw it back at Onepu, narrowly missing his head. Varox ignited his shield and it was as good as over. Varox now had a shiny purple Pakari, and had won the tournament.

To be honest, this is not how I thought it would end! I was quite interested reading the feedback you guys gave, and who you wanted to win! Thanks to @Whaddon, @LurkingEhlek, @RedHuna101, and @Garnira for voting!