Battle with the member above you!

I get off the ground and throw a rock at @seuss

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Unfortunately, you then get shot by the grammar police, specifically me.


Good thing I corrected my post.
Now that my grammar is good, the police are defeated.

I unleash my sonic laugh

@rukah can’t stop laughing, so now i, a skeleton

can escape to a nearby cave


Ha! You underestimate me! I stop laughing by looking at the cursed topic.
Then I turn the contents there onto @Heyzorks!

I absorb them, for as ye hath said:

I summon all my paint 3d powers to blast them at @rukah!


Oh no! I forgot that detail!
I am now crippled by the sheer power of @Heyzorks ms paint powers.

AAHHAHAHAHAHA! i now hath (at least temporarily) vanquished @rukah! so because i’m lazy i leave some other thing to finish him off. Toodles!


unfortunately your other thing to finish me off didn’t work.
I rise back up and throw a rock at @Heyzorks

I spring from behind a conveniently placed boulder and rabbit punch @Rukah.

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Your punch is ineffective.
I throw another rock at @Brickbot99.

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oh dear
A simple skeletanic like me is easily killed by this rock. But somewhere, i have my minions ready to tempt someone into reviving me…They offer @rukah an offer that they probably can’t resist…

So, @rukah, can ye resist?!


gah-- it’s so strong-- must resist
good thing he didn’t pick toa of lightning
I decide to dig a hole and hide.

It’s a good thing I have this bowler hat to take the damage.
Anywho I whip up a batch of quick-drying cement and pour it into @Rukah’s hidey hole.

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Now I am stuck for 24 hours.

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I come along to find a pair of lewa swords embedded in concrete in the ground.

I place a couple flowers in solemn remembrance and go to repossess all of his property.

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I attack @ghid with a surprise attack gnome! whether it’s effective…I’ll leave that up to your imaginations.

Your flowers somehow free me from the concrete. I quickly call up my lawyer to sue ghid.

The surprise attack gnome surprised me! I am now in cardiac arrest.

This would be a problem seeing as I am your lawyer.


Wait, I meant my other lawyer. Never mind, seeing as you are in cardiac arrest.